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The Bug Butcher PC Download Free

The Bug Butcher Rooted in the realities of sci-fi dimensional shooting from Austrian studio Awfully Nice. In the game The Bug Butcher takes the character named Harry, who exterminate all kinds of bugs the cosmic exterminator and received only a lucrative commission pests today reign in a research facility on a distant planet and save the scientists working there. However, the task will be more difficult than it seemed, and the protagonist will have to fight overgrown and very dangerous creatures. The Bug Butcher Download for PC In terms of mechanics, it has to do with classic side-scrolling shooting, in which the main aim of the player is sending the player to the next heavy opponents. The game can move with the left and the right side, but only shoot up with considerable arsenal of futuristic weapons like lasers and rocket launchers. Fun sprinkles the ability to modify the weapons, the mass of various power-ups and the ability to compete in multiplayer.

The Bug Butcher PC Download

The Bug Butcher on a Windows PC is a side-scrolling shoot'em up that's all about killing countless numbers of enemies. Players move in two dimensions of the right and left, but only shoot up. During the game we'll get access to a variety of futuristic weapons, including lasers and rocket launchers, which can also be modified. In addition, we took care of power-ups, temporarily increasing firepower. On each of about 30 willing collect points levels awarded defeating enemies, of course. The better and faster we can do this, the better we can get results, and all thanks to the multiplier that resets if we get a hit or if we're idle for too long.

The Bug Butcher PC Download Free
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The Bug Butcher PC

Game Producer:
Awfully Nice Studios
Game publisher:
Triangle Studios
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CPU: Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+
GPU: GeForce GT 720 / Radeon HD 3800 series
HDD: 10 GB

Additional information

The Bug Butcher Instead of balloons (compared to the aforementioned Pang) there are slimy bugs with different attack properties (shooting, acid-breathing, shocking electricity) that move in different ways (fly, jump, walk on the ceiling, bounce off the walls ...) . When it comes to gameplay, everything has been invented before, and what we are serving now are different variants of what we know. The Bug Butcher interested me so much that I decided to play it. This title is a representative of the arcade genre. The game is intense, you could say it has a certain amount of chaos, but that's what makes the title work. When the player falls into a trance, he kills everything that moves.

The Bug Butcher Harry has an arsenal of weapons to use in order to complete his task and exterminate the pests. From a machine gun to various rockets, lasers and freezing bombs. In addition, from time to time there are bonuses that speed up the shot, protect the hero and the like. The main task, apart from killing bugs, is to protect scientists who are attacked from time to time by spiders walking on the ceiling. In the game, you always shoot upwards, so the bugs must fly or crawl over the hero.

The Bug Butcher When it comes to the boards we play on, we really only have five (floors) of them, and the variety in the missions is based on the different order in which pests appear and the score to be achieved. Of course, the last mission on the upper floor is also a boss fight in the elevator. The levels on the upper floors differ in that they have additional blockades that must be activated or shot down. Then Harry can move on, or the bugs can enter our sector. The first room is one large hall, but in the following it is either divided by a large hammer in the middle (which you need to watch out for), or by platforms placed above (which the bugs can walk on, or they bounce off the ceiling when they are under them and make it difficult Harry, moving around).

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