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Thief Simulator for PC Download A title combining elements of stealth, adventure and simulator. In Thief Simulator, players take on the title thieves whose task is to steal valuable items from various objects. Thief Simulator is an original production combining elements of stealth, adventure and simulator. The title was released on PC by PlayWay, and was created by the independent team GrabTheWallet Studio. The main character of Thief Simulator is a thief breaking into homes and stealing valuable items from them. The player’s task is to lead his “career” in such a way that he never gets into the hands of justice.


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Thief Simulator DownloadIn Thief Simulator, we observe the action from a first person perspective (FPP). During the game, we take part in jumping to various objects, during which our main task is to get as many valuable items as possible. The funds obtained from their sale on the black market can be allocated to the purchase of specialized gadgets, which in turn makes it easier for us to carry out subsequent missions. We start each task with careful observation of the target, for example through a camera placed in the mailbox. In this way, we learn not only the daily schedule of its residents and the time when the building is empty, but also get information about the alarm systems installed in it or even about ways to put the vigilance of a dog wandering around the yard to sleep. When our action plan is ready, we can proceed to the action – while inside, it’s worth remembering that the backpack of the hero we lead is not bottomless; therefore, sometimes you have to make difficult decisions about which loot to take with you and which to leave in place.

Fun is diversified by the above-mentioned gadgets – in addition to the lockpicks, thanks to which we will open even the most advanced locks, we also receive a scanner indicating to us where the location of expensive objects as their approximate value; access to the latter, however, is strictly limited, so we can use it only a few times during a specific action. The matter is complicated by the fact that we usually operate under time pressure; in addition, even if we have taken all possible precautions, the risk of a slip-up can still be high – after all, it is not always possible to predict a faster return of the owner or look out for a carefully hidden camera. In addition, the more effective thieves we are, the more attention is paid to our activities by the police.

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Fortunately, the value of the indicator symbolizing the interest of law enforcement officers can be reduced by blurring traces – it helps to both get rid of serial numbers from stolen fantas or even break down appropriated cars into parts, as well as turn off GPS transmitters and disconnect the Internet connection in stolen phones , tablets and computers. Complementing all this is the ability to design your own home using the editor integrated with the game and provide it with a variety of security systems. A fortress constructed in this way can be put to the test by putting it at the disposal of another player playing the role of a thief.


OS: Windows 7.
CPU: Intel Core i5.
Memory: 8 GB RAM.
GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 750.
DirectX: Version 10.

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