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Thief Simulator PC Download Free

Thief Simulator A title that combines elements of stealth, adventure and simulator. In Thief Simulator players take on the title thieves whose task is to steal valuable items from various objects. Thief Simulator is an original production combining elements of stealth, adventure and simulator. The title was published on PC by PlayWay and created by independent team GrabTheWallet Studio. The main character of Thief Simulator is a thief who breaks into houses and steals valuable items from them. The player's task is to lead his "career" in such a way that he never falls into the hands of justice. Burglar Simulator for PC Download In Thief Simulator we observe the action from the first person perspective (FPP). During the game we jump to different objects, our main task being to get as many valuable items as possible. The funds from the sale on the black market can be used to buy special equipment, which will make it easier for us to carry out further missions. We start each task with a careful observation of the target, for example through a camera in the mailbox. In this way, we learn not only about the daily routine of residents and the time when the building is empty, but also information about the alarm systems installed in it, or even about ways to fall asleep the alertness of a dog wandering around the yard. When our action plan is ready, we can proceed with the action. Once inside, we should remember that the hero's backpack we carry is not bottomless. As a result, you sometimes have to make difficult decisions about what loot to take and what not.

Thief Simulator PC Download

The fun will be diversified by the above gadgets. In addition to the lockpicks with which we will open even the most advanced locks, we will get a scanner that will show us where expensive objects are located as an approximate value. However, access to the latter is strictly limited, so we can only use it a couple of times during a given promotion. Things are complicated by the fact that we usually work under time pressure; In addition, despite all the precautions, the risk of slipping can still be high - after all, it is not always possible to predict a faster return of the owner or to look for a carefully hidden camera. The more effective we are thieves, the more attention the police will pay to our activities. Fortunately, the value of the indicator, symbolizing the interest of law enforcement officers, can be reduced by blurry tracks. He helps remove serial numbers from stolen fantasies or disassemble suitable cars into parts, as well as turn off GPS transmitters and cut internet connections on stolen phones, tablets and computers. This also includes the ability to design your own home with the in-game editor and equip it with a variety of security systems. A fortress built in this way can be tested by making it available to another player as a thief.

Thief Simulator PC Download Free
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Thief Simulator PC

Game Producer:
Noble Muffins
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OS: Windows 7.
CPU: Intel Core i5.
Memory: 8 GB RAM.
GPU: NVidia GeForce GTX 750.
DirectX: Version 10.

Additional information

Thief Simulator from the Polish studio Noble Muffins is, as the name suggests, a game in which we take items that do not belong to us. They say that stealing is millions, but before we're ready to break into the richest (and therefore best-guarded) homes, we need to get into practice.

Thief Simulator In the game, we start out as an unfledged thief who was in jail, but was paid bail. No, not out of the goodness of our hearts - we must repay the regained freedom by completing the tasks Vinny gave us. Vinny only contacts us by phone, but is well informed about what we are doing at the moment. Thief Simulator Our client realizes that we have no experience in theft, so he politely explains that first, we should get a crowbar, then - break the boards in the damaged fence and learn to avoid the unwanted eyesight of the townspeople. In the next step, we take a flashlight, but these are the only free thieving items we can have; everyone else, from lockpicks to hacking tools, we have to buy ourselves with the money earned from selling stolen items.

Thief Simulator The first house we have to break into is completely empty, so you can break the windows without fear that one of the residents will suddenly come back and alert the police. So we can calmly rummage through every drawer and cabinet, and then take out whatever we can get our hands on, and then stuff it in the pawnshop. There, a friendly fence is waiting for us, who will accept from us practically everything that we are ready to sell to him - just to disassemble jewelery or remove security from phones. Stolen items reset at home in most cases, so in theory you could endlessly earn money and experience using the same pots. Thief Simulator Fortunately, this does not mean a tedious grind - just when you run out of experience or money for new skills and gadgets needed to complete a new story mission, one or two additional robberies will most often solve the case.

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