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Unravel Two PC Download Free

Unravel Two is a platformer developed for PC, PS4 and XONE enriched with logical elements. The game was developed by Coldwood Interactive Studio, the same studio responsible for the first part of 2016. In Unravel Two we again succeed in creating a nice mascot, woven entirely from thick red yarn. This time she is not tackling the adventure alone - she is accompanied by a friend, also made of blue yarn. During the game, the heroes travel through locations inspired by real-world locations from Scandinavian countries, including villages, forests and coastlines almost untouched by human presence. The game has a very economic story. Instead of an extensive scenario and sudden plot twists, we get a simple story about a journey and heroes who have to rely on each other to cope with adversity.

Unravel Two PC Download

Mechanically, Unravel Two, released for PC, PS4 and XONE, is a classic 2.5D platformer. This means that although the graphics are three-dimensional, the gameplay itself takes place in two dimensions. Typically, skill challenges are diversified by logical elements that require you to find a way, e.g. to remove an obstacle from our path. The fact that the characters are made of yarn adds significantly to the fun of the game. The heroes can unwind part of a string and use it like a rope to swing or drag some items behind them. All of this is governed by an extensive physics engine. Compared to the first part, the biggest change is the addition of a second character. To be successful, both men must work closely together - e.g. holding the end of the twine for a companion to climb on. The game allows for cooperative play in pairs, but we can also play alone - switch between heroes anywhere, and if we don't need the help of a companion, we can just piggyback it and just control a stick figure.

Unravel Two PC Download Free
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Unravel Two PC

Game Producer:
Coldwood Interactive AB
Game publisher:
Electronic Arts Inc.
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OS: Windows 7 64-bit, 8.1 64-bit OR Windows 10 64-bit.
CPU: Intel i3 2120 @ 3.3GHz OR AMD FX 4350 @ 4.2 GHz.
GPU: ATI Radeon R7 250X OR Nvidia GTX 650Ti.
DirectX: Version 11.

Additional information

Unravel Two is focused on local cooperation, where each participant of the game directs his Yarny. The appearance of the hero can be adjusted to your preferences, for example by changing the color of the yarn, and additional personalization elements will be unlocked by completing side quests. Before that happens, however, we must, if only partially, deal with the main chapters. The authors have prepared seven stages, which is about half as much as in the case of the "one", but they are a bit more complex. Overall, Unravel Two is shorter than its predecessor (the whole takes about 5 hours), and in addition not as varied as the 2016 hit. The lion's share of the campaign takes place in the forest. We also visit a factory, we also come across a city playground, we jump on the roofs of buildings in the city and more. It is somewhat diverse, but what I remember about Unravel Two is mainly tree jumping.

The biggest change that Unravel Two offers is the complete abandonment of the need for skillful yarn management. In the first part, we had to manage the thread so that it was enough for us to get to the next checkpoint, where our hero was wrapping himself in the ball he found. If, after solving the puzzle, we accidentally forgot to untangle ourselves, it may turn out that we do not have enough yarn to go even a bit further. Here it is a bit different, because the Yarni are connected with a thread, and in addition, each of them has been wrapped in a ball large enough to easily deal with the puzzles. So you do not have to worry about whether we will be able to move on, because the game forces us to disconnect from everything before we move on.

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