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Valley is an exploration-oriented first-person action-adventure game with sci-fi elements. The game was developed by independent Canadian studio Blue Isle Games, best known for their game Slender: The Arrival, a collaboration with original creator Mark Hadley, a sequel to the free hit Slender: The Eight Sides. The game's plot leads us to the title, the mysterious valley hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. As we play, we take on the role of an undefined hero who uses the latest technology in the form of an exoskeleton called L.E.A.F. (Jump effortlessly through the air functionality) he traverses a number of different locations - from picturesque forests to dangerous ruins - and tries to discover the secret of this extraordinary place.

Valley PC Download

Valley is a first-person exploration game that - unlike most of the more static representatives of the genre - is characterized by a lot of dynamics in the game thanks to the aforementioned L.E.A.F. exoskeleton. Thanks to her, for example, we can move faster and jump higher and reach places inaccessible to an ordinary person. We will also use the possibilities of the equipment in the fight against enemy creatures living in the valley. As we progress through the game, we will gradually unlock new features of the exoskeleton, the most important of which is the control over life and death, allowing you to give or take life to any living organism that you encounter during the game. However, this power comes at a high price. Every time the character we control dies, the valley of the title gradually dies. Therefore, not only the unraveling of the mystery of this place depends on our survival skills, but also its appearance and the fate of the organisms inhabiting it. Let's start with the plot. tells the story of a researcher who embarks on a lonely journey to find an artifact called the "Seed of Life". This relic is said to end the war that is consuming the entire world. After reaching the location, the hero accidentally lands in the title valley. This is where it gets interesting. We quickly come across an exoskeleton called L.E.A.F., which allows the protagonist to run much faster and jump higher than an ordinary mortal. This isn't the end of his additional abilities, but more on that when we discuss the game.

Valley PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Blue Isle Studios
Game publisher:
Blue Isle Studios
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CPU: 3.0+ GHZ dual core.
RAM: 8 GB.
OS: Windows 7 or newer.
GPU: GTX 650 or better, Radeon HD 7770 or better.
HDD: 5 GB.

Additional information

Valley We get to know the rest of the story through radio recordings. There we hear mostly about people who have been dead for a long time and to be honest, they have nothing interesting to say. The very idea of ​​the war and the search for a mysterious artifact at the end of the world seems great, but the story was told at best on average.

Valley The gameplay is the most difficult aspect to judge. On the one hand, we have an open world that encourages exploration, which, together with a pleasant movement model, should provide fun for many hours. Unfortunately, it is empty and sterile, there is nothing to do with it and after a while we will get bored of running aimlessly. On the other hand, the running and jumping itself are very impressive, at least at the beginning. Feel the rush of wind in your hair, feel the speed and adrenaline during long jumps. I'd like to see this feeling in every game with exoskeletons or superheroes.

Valley L.E.A.F. it gives us one more important ability - the mastery of life and death. Literally. We can take or give life to every creature and plant that stands in our way. It also has an impact on our character, because we are immediately reborn after death, but it comes at a cost. The valley around us is dying, and when it runs out of vitality, our next death becomes the last one. It's quite an interesting mechanic, but it's such a simple and undemanding game that you rarely die, so we won't have much to do with it.

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