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Anthem cooperative TPP shooter with the element MMO enriched with RPG elements and set in sci-fi climates. Production came from staff at BioWare's Edmonton studio division, the team responsible for the company's biggest hits like the Dragon Age series or the first three installments of the Mass Effect series. The game takes us to a distant planet, abandoned by the old gods during its formation, leaving behind many hostile beasts and the "Power of the Anthem" - a tool to create the world that everyone wants to own and conquer. Players take part in the so-called freelancer, i. H. Daredevils equipped with Javelin-class power armor. Only they can face both the aggressive fauna of this world and the ruthless race of intelligent beings known as the Scars, as well as the hostile human faction of the Dominion. Anthem Download for PC Anthem combines elements of a third-person shooter and an MMORPG. Players begin the adventure by choosing their first spear, and then engage in exploring the world and completing the mission, alone or together with comrades. Completing tasks is rewarded with experience points, thanks to which we increase the level of our character and acquired equipment. Events are observed from a camera behind the hero. Combat is very columnar, reminiscent of classic archers, but the main role is played by special spear skills and area attacks.

Anthem PC Download

Supported Armor d. H. The so-called Javeliny. The game features four models (Hunter, Storm, Colossus, Śmigacz) with different levels of mobility and weapons. In addition, we can modify and improve them by adapting the equipment to our individual needs. All of them are equipped with jet engines, making it easier to explore the planet and offering greater tactical freedom in battle. It should be noted that the game does not allow unrestricted flying. Javelin motors overheat after some time; we can cool them, for example by falling flight or contact with water. In Anthem we can complete missions alone with a group of friends or rely on random comrades. While humanity's base, Fort Tarsis, is an individual location for each user. Here we will get acquainted with the history of the game and choose missions. While the main universe of Anthem develops in the same way for each user, thanks to the database, they also have the opportunity to learn the stories of numerous NPCs of their choice. Anthem focuses on cooperative gameplay, where four players team up against artificial intelligence. On the day of the premiere, the authors did not foresee the PvP option (it was not possible to compete with other people). Team composition can be chosen at the beginning of each new expedition - we can invite friends to play or team up with random players based on matchmaking. After completing the main storyline (it consists of about twenty tasks), players can play with additional activities. Among them were the next missions ordered by the game's main factions (Freelancers, Arkancers, Guardsmen), daily challenges and taking over fortifications (fortresses), which always ended with a boss fight. These activities are renewed regularly and offer us the opportunity for continuous development. The hero can reach a maximum of 30 experience levels, but this does not end the game. The strength of his spear is calculated separately - we can increase it by installing higher quality rare components. We acquire new weapons and parts in the form of loot or craft them.

Anthem PC Download Free
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CPU: Core i5-3570 / AMD FX-6350
OS: Windows 10 64 bit
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 760, AMD Radeon 7970 / R9 280X
HDD: 50 GB

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The most important task for Javelins, however, is combat. Skirmishes with many opponents alongside teammates is the essence of Anthem and the main activity we undertake. Although the battles seem a bit confusing at first, we quickly get used to the chaos on the battlefield. The way in which we eliminate the next enemies depends on the chosen javelin, and also - in part - on the equipment. The storm has the weakest armor, but it can hover for a long time, so it is great at longer distances. The adversary is the complete opposite - a fast and agile Javelin performs a triple jump in the air and also makes a quick melee attack.

The Colossus is the typical tank that takes the most hits from the entire team, so it serves as a shield for the group. He is also the only one with access to heavy weapons, such as flamethrowers, rocket launchers and machine guns. There is also the Hunter - a universal soldier who can do well in almost all conditions. In theory, we can equip the armor with any weapon, but not all combinations will work on the battlefield. For example, a Storm that will not survive too long, if it has to approach an enemy to neutralize him with a shotgun. Despite the limitations, we influence the special attacks we use. These can be grenades, freezing attacks, rocket launchers, mortars or area fire blows - depending on the exo armor.

Fighting in Anthem gets blush when we play with friends. Selecting targets in voice chat, complementing each other's weaknesses in javelins, and structured attack - that is, the entire cooperation - is great fun. The game encourages cooperation with a combo system. The principle of operation is simple: special attacks are divided into "detonators" and "detonators". When we combine the blows in the right order, the enemy will receive much more damage than without the combination.

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