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Assetto Corsa PC Download

Assetto Corsa Download - is an independent project, the Italian studies Kunos Simulazioni, that plays the edition netKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy. The developers set themselves the goal of creating the most realistic racing simulator, aimed primarily at PCs and enjoying the benefits of modern graphics technology. Assetto CorsaIn this game you are admitted models of cars of different classes - for production vehicles from prototypes and concept copies, the legendary racing series GT and Formula 1. All vehicles are mapped with great attention to detail based on laser scans. Both their appearance, technical parameters and driving physics have also been certified by manufacturers. Circuits are restored with equal care (it is worth noting, incidentally, that Studio Kunos Simulazioni offices are located on the Vallelunga circuit).

Assetto Corsa PC Download

Work on the Assetto Corsa was initiated in 2008 and to contribute to the game engineers and professional drivers were invited. Based on proprietary game engine developer Kunos Simulazioni tries to build an advanced driving simulation model while keeping the high playability. Visuals AC uses the potential of DirectX 11, including technologies: blur, HDR, dynamic lighting and soft shading in real time. It seems to me that the Italian game can already boast one of the best casting effects simulating the movement of the vehicle's center of gravity. Feel it when cornering, even better in case of slip. At the same time swinging from side to side of the car was very faithfully depicted for the view from the cockpit. The first few minutes in the Esseesse didn't put me in a bit of a shock through this - I just don't remember that anywhere else there was a better cast. Each vehicle must be approached individually, no two vehicles leading the same way. It seems to me that this was their choice on the beta, of course, the decision is dictated by the designers and their past experience consciously. I commend them for that, because thanks to this treatment have to collect jaws from the ground.

Assetto Corsa PC Download
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Assetto Corsa PC

Game Producer:
Kunos Simulazioni
Game publisher:
Kunos Simulazioni
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CPU: AMD Six-Core CPU, Intel Quad-Core CPU
OS: Windows Vista Sp2 - 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10
GPU: DirectX 11 (e.g. AMD Radeon 290x, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970)
HDD: 30 GB

Additional information

I have always assumed that games should be fun and entertaining. From time to time, however, there are productions that try at all costs to prove to the user that he is weak and that his skills are not polished. This is what Assetto Corsa from the Italian studio Kunos Simulazioni can be like - unfriendly to use, repulsive and at times derogatory. However, if we give it a chance and change the approach to the game, we will see the beauty of this title. All you need is a great deal of patience and tenacity. Nevertheless, this title is intended mainly for car and manual transmission enthusiasts. Burnout fans don't have much to look for here.

The game originally debuted on personal computers, where it quickly gained recognition among players. Moving the title to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was a risky idea, as the console community was not used to such demanding car games. Most of the worries were playing with the joypad, which, as you know, is much less precise than a decent steering wheel. Before dispelling my doubts, I will mention what game we are dealing with. Assetto Corsa is a hardcore driving simulator that does not forgive user mistakes. The production was adjusted primarily to people who want to experience the most realistic impressions and although no game will ever fully achieve it, the work of Kunos Simulazioni was extremely close to the desired goal.

Once we have mastered the rules of the game to some extent (we will learn these all the time), we can start in one of several available modes. The first is a special competition, consisting of several dozen different tasks, in which we have a predetermined goal, route and type of car. In the Race tab, you will find as many as seven types of games. By checking each one in turn, we will go to training first, then we will go to the classic race or race weekend, and then we will take part in multiplayer games. But that's not all, because hotlap, time trial and drift are still available. There are a lot of modes, which definitely works to the advantage of the game.

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