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Flashout 3 PC Download Free

In Flashout 3 we sit at the helm of futuristic vehicles floating above the ground and take part in crazy races on routes full of sharp turns, huge drop-offs and ramps that wind both horizontally and vertically. We race not only in the cities of the future, but also in a picturesque jungle or even in a large canyon. To win in Flashout 3, we have to learn each track perfectly, as well as skillfully use the afterburner and the available arsenal. The creators give us rocket launchers, machine guns, bombs and mines, the proper use of which can change the fate of many fights for victory. As we progress, we get access to new vehicles and various upgrades.

Flashout 3 is a futuristic racing game inspired by Sony's Wipeout series. The main variant of the game is the campaign, which allows us to play as one of two characters: Silas or Bea. The characters have their own stories, but the common denominator for both is being an underdog. The campaign scheme is similar to the career modes in other racing games. We start the game with the least prestigious competitions, but with the results we unlock new, more demanding tournaments. The condition in Flashout 3 is to be at least third in the overall standings at the end of the competition. It is worth mentioning that not every stage of the struggle is a standard race. It can be, for example, an attempt to dial the best lap time or a race in which the rider in the last place is eliminated after completing the lap.

Flashout 3 PC Download

The driving model in Flashout 3 is arcade. Green overlays are placed on the routes, thanks to which we can accelerate our flying car (vehicles of individual heroes differ in parameters). In addition, we have three slots for mounting equipment from three different categories. These are offensive and defensive weapons and boosters such as a shield or booster; there is a cost to mounting the weapon, however. Vehicles have their durability. If they are stripped of their armor, they explode, then resume their pursuit after a short pause.

In this typical arcade title, we will find a lot of entertainment for players who love futuristic races. This title does not involve complex plots or complex puzzles. But in Flashout 3 it will challenge your fingers. You will race in futuristic cities, uncharted jungles and deep canyons. On the course you will encounter sharp turns in every direction and levels, ramps for long jumps and plenty of accelerators. You and your opponents will be able to shoot at each other. It's up to you to decide whether you want to kill everyone and get there calmly or show your skill and escape everyone!

Flashout 3 PC Download Free
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OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit.
CPU: 3.2 GHz Dual Core Processor.
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent with 4 GB of video RAM.
HDD: 6 GB available space.

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The third installment of the series of futuristic races has hit stores. The title from Krakow's Jujubee studio is currently available only on PCs. In the new installment of the cycle, we move to the future again and take part in various competitions with super-fast vehicles. In Flashout 3 we control machines that reach speeds of up to 500 km/h. Vehicles can be improved, and in addition, we use many facilities that are not entirely in line with the principles of fair play. Using obstacles like mines and rockets, we try to eliminate rivals who also have no pure intentions. You can see what it all looks like in the dynamic gameplay we published here.

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