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Project CARS 3 PC Download Free

The foundation of Project CARS 3 is Career, which has been completely rebuilt compared to the previous parts. It now has a structure more reminiscent of the tradition of arcade racing games (the player starts with slow road cars and gradually moves to more and more powerful machines) and is more friendly to novices. Project CARS 3 also offers relatively wide possibilities in configuring the difficulty level and assists operating in the car - while maintaining realistic settings for veterans.

Project CARS 3 PC Download

In Career mode, we get access to our own garage, which we gradually fill with the cars we buy in Project CARS 3. We use the currency that we receive as we reach subsequent levels of experience. Project CARS 3 introduced the ability to upgrade vehicles by purchasing parts that increase their Performance Index (similar to the Forza series). To a limited extent, you can also modify the appearance of cars (e.g. ready-made aerodynamic packages, wheels and license plates).

In addition, a comprehensive body paint editor has been created and a handful of driver customization options have been made available. A number of other significant changes have also been introduced in Project CARS 3. First of all, the manufacturer refreshed the control model using the pad, making a nod to less advanced players, and also developed a new tire simulation, improved artificial intelligence and turned up the impression of speed while driving. However, he resigned from such elements as mechanical damage to cars, qualifications before races (in single player mode) or pit stops.

Additionally, Project CARS 3 has a series of races called "Bonus". We will find in them competitions for invitations and "Challenges". We will take part in the "Bonus" competition by completing specific challenges. In "Challenges", as the name suggests, we will take part in achieving specific goals, and these are simply achieving victories in all competitions in a specific class of cars.

But in Project CARS 3, let's get back to that unfortunate grind... We buy our first car, in my case it was a Honda Civic, and we go to the first competition in the category for E-Road cars. And now you need to know that every competition - apart from winning of course - has 3 objectives that we can additionally meet to earn some bonus experience points.

We need these very much in Project CARS 3 to raise the level of the driver, and this in turn will allow us to buy better and better cars in the showroom. In addition, completing these goals allows us to unlock participation in subsequent competitions or access to a higher racing league. Participation in inaccessible competitions can be unlocked for earned credits, but it is a very unprofitable business.

Project CARS 3 PC Download Free
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Project CARS 3 Free

Game Producer:
Slightly Mad Studios
Game publisher:
Bandai Namco Entertainment
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CPU: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 3450 or 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
GPU: GTX 680 or equivalent
OS: Window 10
HDD: 50 GB

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We earn so ridiculously little racing credits that after seven hours of play, I was still behind the wheel of a Honda. I only managed to upgrade this car from Road E to D category. Not only that, I even unlocked the Road category C competition, but what if I only have 50,000 credits and I'm over 30,000 credits short of the cheapest C category car? I have to go back to completed competitions and repeat them until I earn the required amount of funds. MMOs in racing games? Has anyone at Slightly Mad Studios fallen head over heels?

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