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WRC 9 PC Download Free

WRC 9 is the ninth installment in a series of racing games dedicated to car rallies. The publication was carried out by Nacon, the company that oversees the brand, while the Kylotonn studio is behind its creation, i.e. the authors of several previous parts of the series, as well as titles such as V-Rally 4 or FlatOut 4: Total Insanity ). In WRC 9 we take part in rallies and fight not only for the title in the WRC class, but also in the WRC 2, WRC 3 and Junior WRC competitions. In addition to the fifty official teams of the 2020 season, the game features fifteen cars that have somehow shaped the history of the World Rally Championship. Among the available rallies you will find three new ones namely Safari Rally, Japan Rally and New Zealand Rally. Compared to the WRC 8, the production in question stands out mainly because of the improved driving model. To make it as realistic as possible, the authors focused on issues related to the work of car suspension, braking and mass transfer on different types of surfaces and in different conditions.

WRC 9 PC Download

The pillar of WRC 9 is the career mode in which we strive to become world champions in rallying. At the same time, we lead our team, which consists of mechanics, engineers, doctors and meteorologists. Although it was based on solutions developed for the needs of the previous installment in the series, the whole thing was expanded to include greater control and staff development options, or a handful of new events in the calendar, among other things. In addition, here is an extensive multiplayer waiting to be tested, in which we can try our hand at fighting other players. When working on WRC 9, the authors focused on the sound plane, thanks to which individual cars make realistic sounds (including the whirring of engines). The graphics have also been improved, and thanks to the FIA ​​license we see not only real drivers and cars on the screen, but also advertisements from sponsors who advertise themselves through real rallies.

WRC 9 PC Download Free
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Game Producer:
Kylotonn / KT Racing
Game publisher:
Nacon / Bigben Interactive
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CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD FX-4350.
RAM: 6 GB.
OS: Windows 10.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, 1 GB | ATI Radeon HD 5870, 2 GB.
HDD: 30 GB.

Additional information

At first glance, WRC 9 has not changed much, but it is enough to spend a few hours with the game to spot the changes. Although it cannot be denied that this is just a further evolution, not a revolution, and in some elements the game simply copies the solutions from WRC 8. It is important that the driving model is more and more refined every year and I am really satisfied with the direction of the series development in this respect . In WRC 9, the braking model has also been improved, you can feel the center of gravity of the cars better, the physics has also been tamed a bit, thanks to which the vehicle is less likely to lift off the ground and we can feel its grip better.

It's even better in WRC 9 to feel the differences in the surface and how the tires take on such changes. Snow, ice, asphalt, gravel, mud, rain-soaked gravel - over time, after the reaction of the car, you will be able to judge on what terrain you are fighting for seconds. Although I have the impression that the AI ​​and difficulty levels in individual countries have not been fully tested - sometimes in one rally I had a lot of seconds without having any problems with winning, in another, driving at a similar level, I would lose several seconds. It was a bit of an immersion. The balancing of the challenge in individual countries is simply underdeveloped.

A career in WRC 9 is not much different from what we had last year. We can start with Junior WRC or jump straight into WRC 3 (in this class there is the only Polish team in the line-up of Kajetanowicz & Szczepaniak), and then climb the drivers' classification, eventually reaching WRC 2 and finally the royal WRC category. You can clearly feel the differences in driving cars in individual classes. In Junior WRC, all teams are racing Ford Fiesta R2 with front-wheel drive, which is easy to drive, manual can save from virtually any oppression and feel that it is a wear and tear before the next challenges.

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