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Dead Rising 2 Off The Record PC Free Download

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Stand-alone expansion to Dead Rising 2 - played in an open world third-person action game with elements of survival horror, developed by Capcom in cooperation with the studio Blue Castle Games. In addition, from the first known views, a series of photojournalist Frank West, who goes armed with a camera to the well-known players in Fortune City, returns. The axis of the game is, of course, the elimination of zombie hosts, thousands of them appearing on the screen at once. Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Download for PC Besides, our ancestors, however, has to perform a number of new tasks related to his profession. For the purpose of supplementing manufacturers have developed new types of enemies and additional missing in the "cradle" locations. It also includes new vehicles and weapons that we can construct ourselves, combining a variety of finds. From a technical point of view optimization of the system improves and save the game and improved multiplayer, with an emphasis on fun in co-op mode.

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record PC Download

The authors do not forget, at the same time specific for Fortune City (modeled on Las Vegas) opponents, and also for Frank West, in connection with his profession fun introduced new weapons and vehicles, as well as a unique task to diversify. In combat we not only use a set of traditional weapons (in this group there are all found objects, that is, for example. pots, metal pipes), but also the opportunity to create your own "razor to kill" (a Inserting a grenade into a tennis ball for example) using objects that we find in the environment. The new part introduces some unexpected changes. First of all, it is about the character of the hero who suddenly appears in Fortune City, a metropolis ruled by the undead. Greedy sensation photojournalist, armed with his camera, he lands in a well-known player from Dead Rising 2. The hero visits the well-known spots, but also new ones, as the playing surface has expanded in relation to the "two".

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record PC Free Download
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Dead Rising 2 Off The Record PC

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.2 GHz or better
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS or better, ATI Radeon HD 3850 or better
HDD: 8.5 GB

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Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Now that a new (old) hero is available, there was also a new story to play. Well, maybe not entirely new, because some of the missions are the same as before, but there are also a few additional episodes that stick more with West's character (e.g. as West is a journalist, it is cool to investigate the strange supplies delivered to him). by TK). The ending is also different, which makes it even more difficult to assess this "plot operation" performed by Capcom. Dead Rising 2 Off the Record Yes, if someone has not played the "two" before and has a taste for the DR convention, he will probably have a great time. But if someone has finished a deuce and now has to repeat a large part of the game in the skin of a new guy, with changes but in the same decorations, then he may get bored.

Presumably to sweeten the latter situation, Capcom decided to add a sandbox mode to Dead Rising 2 Off the Record, something that was missing from the "two". On this occasion, however, it's hard to resist the impression that it was cut out in order to earn a second time. Well, it's fortunate - fortunately, it is now, and it must be admitted that it fares better than the fictional story. First of all, we are not limited by time and forced to look for more Zombrex packaging. It soothes shattered nerves, because running after the medicine could damage the blood - if they were not successful in time, the hero would die. Now without a Zombrex it opens up the possibility of freely exploring the city, completing all side missions and challenges, slowly and as you like.

The essence of fun in Dead Rising 2 Off the Record is, of course, smashing zombies. You can start the challenges scattered around the area only with a certain number of defeated opponents on the counter. The combat mechanics are based on blows (arms, legs), a few wrestling licks and weapons used, which can be basically all items found along the way. So don't be surprised when West comes face to face with a horde of dead people armed with a dildo, a teddy bear, jackhammer, a nearby bench, or a brush. By combining various weapons, you can make truly hellish sets, and instructions on what to combine with what we find while playing.

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