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ReCore In Klimaten science fiction third person action game, presents a vision of the direction in which humanity is heading and how it may look like the end of it. The title is the result of teaming studies comcept, founded by the series co-writer Mega Man Keijiego Inafune, and the Armature Studio team, which included the creator of Metroid Prime series. The game takes place in the form of Joule - one of the last representatives of mankind, moving through the world ruled by a faction of robots who did not enjoy the repopulation of the planet. ReCore Download for PC Fun focuses on exploration and combat, in which our protagonist can count on the support of his mechanical companion Mack. A key element of the fun is the ability to transfer the robot's core into the body of another machine, giving it new abilities, albeit still the same person. It is also worth noting the dynamic scenery, constantly changing as a result of sandstorms raging on the planet.

ReCore PC Download

A year has passed and it turned out that conceptually Keji Inafune and the company has not prepared anything that could actually bring players to their knees, and the first gameplay videos show little vagueness of the project. I sat down in front of the TV screen, but without pretension, running the first version designed for the Xbox One. Around the same time as I began to get acquainted with the desert areas of the planet Far Eden will pick next to the computer PC Edition. At this point I should in fact explain that Recore is another way to show as part of Microsoft's program, Play Anywhere, allowing for the purchase of a digital product in the Windows Store or Xbox Marketplace, for the purchase price of one game its two versions -. Ie both on the PC and the Xbox. True, the brilliant choice? Microsoft finally found the perfect solution for eliminating the secondary market too slow! And it is with the consent of the players, too, because who would buy a normal box, since such attractions only includes "digital camera" right? But let's put these considerations aside and take a closer look at the content and quality of production discussed. In RECORE we take the young lady who wakes up after two hundred years of cryogenic sleep in her large, armored piaskoczołgu on a distant planet to Far Eden. The new globe was the hope for the survival of humanity and the outpost Joule's group of engineers whose job it was to oversee the terraforming devices for the new world. However, for some reason Joule slept too much for a hundred years.

ReCore PC Download Free
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Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft Studios
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CPU: Intel Core i5 3550 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-6300
OS: Windows 10
Video Card: AMD Radeon R7 370 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/570
HDD: 50 GB

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The ReCore action was set in the distant future. Humanity must flee Earth by targeting the planet Far Eden. However, this place is not prepared for Disco Polo, so before taking the grounds, people send robots to the site that will adapt the area to prepare every corner for the arrival of colonizers. During this time, the interested parties themselves are hibernating and waiting for the mechs to do all the dirty work. Unfortunately, this does not happen, and when Joule wakes up from a long sleep, she realizes that the machines have decided to rebel, and to make matters worse, she is almost alone in this world - initially her only companion is Mack, a robo-dog.

ReCore In this neat paragraph I basically summarized a large part of the story that is not told in a long introduction or a well-made cutscene. The authors show from the very beginning that in this story we have to discover basically everything on our own and this idea does not always work. While wandering around the locations, we come across rudimentary information that we need to organize and extract the necessary knowledge from it. This procedure appears in many games, and the concept defends itself here as well. Maybe sometimes I lacked the motivation to learn the stories, but the problem here is rather the gameplay itself, which I will mention in a moment. It is definitely worth getting to know the story, because the events take on the appropriate dimension and actually intrigue you. The bright spot in the script is undoubtedly the main character. Joule is a nice girl who believes she can solve the mystery and find out why the colonization did not go as planned. The game still has many difficult questions that the protagonist answers during this nine-hour journey.

ReCore is a typical platformer in which we observe the action from the perspective of a third person. Basically gameplay can be divided into three parts - combat, jumping and exploration. In the first case, the heroine uses a powerful rifle, which, as the events unfold, receives special colored ammunition. The color is important here, because the opponents have the same colors, so by using the appropriate projectiles, we can destroy the opponent faster. Each time we fight the mechs and usually - after breaking the energy bar - we can tear the core out of them. If you decide to finish the fight faster, a mini-game of tugging the rope starts - it adds a nice color to the standard shooting, but after some time you get fed up. How many times can you do the same thing? This is where the biggest problem of ReCore is revealed, because Joule does not learn new skills, and each encounter looks almost identical. The fights with the bosses are a minimal innovation, but basically the difference is only in more intense jumping and dodging.

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