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Devil May Cry 5 for PC Download Another installment of the famous series of slashers telling about the adventures of Dante – half a man and half a demon who fights various creatures. “Five” was set after the events of Devil May Cry 2 and offers three playable heroes – in addition to Dante they are Nero and the mysterious V. Devil May Cry V is the next installment of the famous series of slashers from Capcom. The previous part, entitled DMC: Devil May Cry from 2013, was created by the Ninja Theory team. Developers known, among others, are responsible for the “five” from the first installments of the series, including Hideaki Itsuno, responsible for Dragon’s Dogma RPG.


Download Devil May Cry 5 for PC free InstallShield

Devil May Cry 5 DownloadThe game is a direct continuation of Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry V presents the fate of Dante and Ner and a mysterious new hero called V, who fight with demons and other monsters attacking our world. The action begins when an unnatural giant tree appears in Red Grave City, whose roots shoot from under the ground, sucking blood from the city’s inhabitants. Devil May Cry V is based on the same principles as the previous parts. It is a slasher with an extensive combat system. The game has been divided into stages, after which the game gives us appropriate marks. The creators of the design of the world drew inspiration from the game Dragon’s Dogma. Although of course we are not dealing with a classic sandbox, the maps give a little more freedom than before.

Therefore, the character’s out-of-combat movement has been improved, and the exploration resembles that of the Bayonetta series (the hero, however, is not limited by the fitness bar). Although the game does not lack spectacular scenes, they are not based on QTE sequences. The fight has also been improved, but there is no revolution. Clashes are varied by interactive elements of the environment, and in addition we take part in large battles from time to time, reminiscent of musou games in which we fight many enemies at once. Meetings with bosses are the most effective, demanding and extended – one start can be divided into several sequences taking place in separate sceneries.

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For the production of Devil May Cry V, RE Engine technology was used, which drives, for example, Resident Evil VII and Resident Evil 2. The title on all hardware platforms provides a fluidity of 60 frames per second (on PC, of ​​course, the performance depends on the computer components). It is also worth mentioning that Yuji Shimomura, who worked on the third and fourth parts of the series, is responsible for the cutscene. Onyay Pheori (she worked on Devil May Cry 4) helped in creating the sound layer. Rueben Langdon again played the role of Dante, and Johnny Young Bosch played Nero.


OS: Windows 7 (64-bit required)
CPU: Intel Core i5-4660, AMD FX-6300, or better.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760, AMD Radeon R7 260x with 2GB RAM, or better.
HDD: 35GB available space.

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