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DiRT Rally PC Download

DiRT Rally Download - is a racing simulator from Codemasters, available only on the PC contacts. British studio decided to move away from the entertainment nature of the DiRT series, this time prepared installment focuses on simulation approach to rallies. The title features real episodes from the 2015 FIA World Rallycross Championship calendar, licensed vehicles and, most importantly, sophisticated drive system based on advanced physics. The creators carefully analyzed the behavior of rally cars on concrete surfaces, with the result that even a slight unevenness or spilled gravel on the asphalt has an impact on the grip. DiRT Rally The game features dozens of rally cars mapped in detail and dozens of routes, placed in several countries. Dirt Rally also gives an extensive management thread to manage his team. We introduce new mechanics, they slow down or train. Good equipment is essential if we want to achieve high positions in the rankings, as well as the ability to adapt the car to the conditions of the track, which can be done in the workshop. There was also system damage or mechanical parts to wear out during the special stages.Playing didn't set new standards in terms of the visuals, but it lacked the advanced elements of weather, such as heavy rain or snow. Each route has been mapped to this detail in order to experience the game as best as possible.

Dirt Rally PC Download

In DiRT, Codemasters Rally Studio fully customize driving model, more faithfully reproduce the guidance car after changing ground routes, and better for players to feel the impact accumulate on the tread of the gravel grains. Care was also taken to realistic and comprehensive damage model that can be dealt with through the use of mechanics who will fix our car between successive stages of the rally. Dirt Rally PC Game Free Download also allows players to manage their racing team (hiring mechanics, analysis of their work, extensions of contracts, etc.), Gradually improving your car, and its tuning, so we can adjust the parameters of the car for the weather conditions prevailing on the route and its state technical.
Same routes are located in different areas of the globe. We can race for example. In Wales, Monaco and Greece, and to our disposal was given a so iconic tracks and racing like. Pike's Peak. In the game there were also dozens of cars from different times – from the 60s of the last century (e.g. The Mini Cooper S, the Lancia Fulvia HF), to the present day (including the Mini Countryman Rally Edition Ford Fiesta RS Rally) .

DiRT Rally PC Download
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DiRT Rally PC

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OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 8.1 64 bit
CPU: AMD FX-8150 or Intel Core i5 4670K
GPU: AMD R9 290 or Nvidia GTX780

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Oh, it wandered with its Codemasters brand for a long time before the situation forced the British studio to return to its roots. So the rallies that mattered most during the work on the Colin McRae Rally in the 90s or shortly after. Don't get me wrong, this is not a manifesto against the DiRT brand, which stems directly from the Colin series. This whole show we've watched in recent years, featuring Ken Block, the Gymkhana races, the X-Games championship, and many other additional elements, would have been pretty fine if it wasn't for one fact - it was the core, not the side content. Unfortunately, since the time of Colin McRae Rally 2005, rallies have counted less and less. It even got to the point that in DiRT: Showdown the most important form of competition was destruction derby.

No more sorrows, my dear. From now on, only tears of happiness can flow on the faces of fans of virtual rallies. After years of drought, DiRT Rally is like rain in the desert or a glass of water on the second day after a watery night - it stimulates and ignites the rallying dreams from childhood of every petrol-driven madman who, when he says "sixty left turn, don't cut" whoever cares only prepares for a skilful slip. The game does it at times quite bluntly, a little tugging and tearing forward with the strength of a young steed, but after all, such are rallies - they deprive the car of all comforts, soundproofing, radio or leather upholstery, but in return provide emotions. For me, it was adrenaline and fun.

Adrenaline, because in my opinion virtual rallies provide the biggest injection of it, and throwing a corner at full speed in a racing car on a special track and in the middle of a densely overgrown forest are two slightly different things. Where most current racers turn back time right after an accident, DiRT Rally says "stop" and blocks all similar licks with Neuer efficiency. It is this awareness that gives an extra kick. When the counter exceeds 150 kilometers per hour, while you run into a high, Finnish hop, constantly straightening the car from the previous skid, and you know perfectly well that this jump will end either with the end of the ride at this stage or with the need to restart a special stage, and you still can't stop before you press the gas down all the way, you feel that someone here has done their job perfectly. And all because the DiRT Rally is so much fun to drive and control it on all gravel turns, tight turns just over gaps or long straights in the middle of the forest that it's addictive.

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