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Driver San Francisco PC Download

Driver San Francisco Download After the last, completely failed installment of the Driver Series or Parallel Lines, a number that earned the car saga back eternal oblivion. Accompanying announcements of new Astonishment, taking place on the streets of San Francisco, adventurer John Tanner turned out to be huge - the most common reaction was a pat on his forehead and texts like "Ubisofcie, what do you need it? After all, this makes more shame can't be! ". Meanwhile, we're back with a big surprise - the same people who previously revived Driverowi over and over with the tires and with every part of the game hit head-on at crash barriers, effectively finding themselves in a moribund series. How nice to tell me that the operation was a success and this time the patient survived. The same can be said for the main character as well, this time for the command bed. This is due to the spectacular return of Charles Jericho - public enemy number one and the man who, despite a solid escort, escapes from a police convoy to once again wreak havoc on the streets of San Francisco. John Tanner, who, together with his companion Jones, tries to stop the ruthless criminal, is traditionally an expert on the hopeless.

Driver San Francisco PC Download

Health complications trigger our hero incredible mental - from that moment Tanner can play as someone in the city streets driver. The Shift lets you get behind the wheel of anything in game Trot - regardless of whether it's a tiny Mini Cooper or a huge, kilkunastotonowy road cruiser. Practically any time we can jump out of the car and - to observe the metropolis from the air - take the seat of our car driver's advice. Sounds ridiculous? It really doesn't matter - the floor, which is becoming one of the most interesting ideas rolled out in recent years by the developers of racing games and the element that reads the indicator of this cycle, has been rolling. Supernatural ability protagonist is used in many situations - Tanner often used it to discover the mysteries of development and the slow grid criminals gathered around Jericho. It's also great for facilitating the conduct of police raids or escort vehicles within targeted enemies. The creators were able to take advantage of absurd moments in the story of two police officers and weave into the game something that the competition has not yet invented.

Driver San Francisco PC Download
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Driver San Francisco PC

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CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz or Athlon II X4 620 2.6 GHz
OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
GPU: 512 MB ATI RADEON HD 2600 XT  & NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
HDD: 10 GB

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Driver San Francisco is not only smashing through the streets, but above all a criminal story in the style of "Miami Police". We play the role of an incognito cop - John Tanner - and break through tasks that go far beyond the competences of a guy who does not leave the car throughout the game. Our black partner Jones accompanies us in almost every mission. Our buddy tries to be a laid back guy, but has a good collection of incredibly annoying comments. He will probably not give you a chance to like him throughout the entire game.

Driver San Francisco in the driver edition is a city devastated by evil and vice (especially the car one), but apart from the everyday matters of the road, something much thicker is found. An obscenely wealthy businessman is sent to prison who pays a large sum of money to Jericho, a psychopathic cellmate, to help him escape in an unsuspecting manner. The bully, obligatorily speaking with an ominous, slightly Russian accent, is the first to break out of his kitty to prepare a great spectacle for his client. Driver San Francisco During an unsuccessful chase after a fugitive, Tanner and Jones crash a huge crash, and the hero, after a head-on collision with a truck, falls into a coma. Surprisingly, this is where the real part of the game begins, because this half-dead state triggers ... paranormal abilities in Tanner. He gets out of his body, wanders around the city and takes on the role of any driver. Simple isn't it?

Driver San Francisco It sounds absurd at first ... and then too. Throughout the game we will feel that something very strange is happening. Especially when the heroes get tangled up in their search for Jericho, and only a series of obscure events and astral trips will lead Tanner on the right track. After all, no one should have a problem to roughly accept the patent, because it works brilliantly. Instead of driving around in one car, making the game dependent on car dealerships or running on the street to catch a nice cart, we move to any vehicle in the city with two clicks. From a bird's eye view, we simply look at the city map and choose our destination. It quickly turns out that it has quite unexpected consequences.

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