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In the presented Dual Universe game, a vision of the future in 2027, one of the telescopes recorded the explosion of IK Pegasi HR 8210, a double star located in the Pegasus constellation. The result of this event was the formation of a neutron star, and the force of the explosion launched it towards the Earth. This object cannot be stopped in any way, so the year 2537 became the final date for the end of our planet. In Dual Universe, in order to survive, humanity has launched a large-scale program in which ships with colonists are regularly sent to various corners of the galaxy to find a new home for our species. Players take on the role of members of such expeditions, and the game begins when they are awakened from cryogenic sleep after reaching their destination.

We start our adventure in Dual Universe by creating a character, and then we move to the surface of the first planet. After landing, the ship transporting the colonists called the Ark creates a safe zone around the hull, providing shelter for the characters. However, players are quickly forced to leave it and begin colonization. Dual Universe does not limit the freedom of users. We decide how to manage the character's career and what tasks to take on, and the voxel-based construction system allows us to build practically anything that comes to our mind: from items, through buildings, to vehicles and spaceships.

Dual Universe PC Download

The planets inhabited in this way are part of one big universe, where all users play in a common virtual world. In Dual Universe, there is no division into autonomous and non-interacting servers. As the game progresses, the factions created by the players grow in strength, conquer new territories, construct fleets of spaceships and improve technologies. Both the virtual economy and politics are driven entirely by the decisions and actions of the users themselves. The game also offers a flexible scripting system that allows for deep interference in the rules of operation of ships and machines, and for designing artificial intelligence to help. Combat mechanics in Dual Universe are rather arcade, both when we fight battles as a soldier and when we sit at the helm of fighters or cruisers. There are safe zones, but outside of them, PvP clashes are not limited in any way. There is also no shortage of opportunities to fight PvE against enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.

Dual Universe even has an implemented voxel-based construction system that will allow us to create a variety of items and means of transport. In a similar way, we will also be able to interfere with already implemented structures, and even program artificial intelligence ourselves. The game belongs to the MMO genre, so while traveling through space, we will also encounter other players. It is our decisions and those of others that will shape the universe, build relationships between individual groups of colonizers, and build the economy of the game.

Dual Universe PC Download Free
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OS: Windows 10.
CPU: Intel Core i5 6500 (3.2 GHz) / AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (3.4 GHz)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (3 GB) / AMD Radeon RX 580.
HDD: 40 GB

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At first glance, Dual Universe is a typical production set in space. However, the creators went a step further, as they have several innovations to offer. The first one is one huge server, designed for millions of players. In addition, players will participate in co-creation of game content.

The main goal of the game in Dual Universe is to colonize a selected planet, on which a network of trading and competing cities is to develop over time. Players will manage the extraction of raw materials, erecting and expanding new buildings, and - interestingly - programming their own AI, i.e. artificial intelligence.

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