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FreeSpace 2 Free Sequel to Volition's best-selling spaceship simulator, inspired by iconic titles like Descent and Wing Commander. The Freespace 2 story was deposited more than three decades after the events of the original, when the association of former enemies, Terrans and Vasudan, is forced once again to face the warlike Shivan race. Compared to the original game mechanics do not change significantly, while fun awaits us over 30 different missions, combining epic thread function. Cosmic Flying fighters and bombers on missions where history would often provide excellent material for a book of science fiction. These missions come together in an epic campaign where the outcome of the previous missions will affect the next one. Impressive graphics where sometimes during the battle of huge fleets we want to give up the fight and watch the battle of powerful star cruisers and excellent music make the game end with the thought: "I want more ...". The game is available in Polish language version.

FreeSpace 2 Download

FreeSpace 2 Download for PC In the game is worth a lot of new elements, among which stand out, among other things, the possibility of giving orders to our subordinates, the possibility of issuing certain sub-units of the enemy, as well as an intuitive interface, improved mission editor and multiplayer mode to aim and eliminate. During the game we meet and a total of more than 70 types of space units - from fast and agile fighters after a powerful battle several kilometers. 32 years after the events in the Federation Freespace take old enemies, the Terrans and Vasudan encounters again warlike race Shivan and faces the endangered. Freespace 2 is an arcade space flight simulator, by the way, one of the best of its kind.

FreeSpace 2 PC Download Free
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FreeSpace 2 PC

Game Producer:
Volition Inc.
Game publisher:
Interplay Entertainment
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CPU: 1 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
GPU: DirectX 7 Compatible Video Card (NVIDIA GeForce2 or ATI Radeon 7500)
HDD: 2,5 MB

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And at the beginning, let no one pick on the fact that I call FreeSpace 2 a simulator, of course, this is quite an abuse, because in this game space physics is treated with a pinch of salt and a fighter flight resembles piloting an ordinary plane in the atmosphere. But it does not matter in the slightest, because we have a beautiful cosmos, we have epic battles and a brilliant - literally - campaign that not only put me in the chair with its ending.

FreeSpace 2 What is it all about? Of course, it's best to find out by yourself by installing and playing, and if you intend to do so, don't read this paragraph too carefully. Freespace 2 tastes best when we don't know what to expect - although I know from experience that even knowing what's going to happen, you can have fun with this game. The events told in the game take place over thirty years after the story of the previous Freespace. FreeSpace 2 Humanity has lost touch with Earth, but the alliance with the Vasudans allows somehow to find a place in it all. The opposition in the form of Admiral Bosch is a little confused in the ranks of the union, and it is with the people of the admiral that we clash with in the initial stages of the campaign.

FreeSpace 2 Soon, however, it turns out that there is - or rather returns - a much more serious problem, known from the previous part of Shivan who do not love people or Vasudan. The common enemy becomes the main theme of the campaign, and the appearance of the huge Alliance flagship seems to be the advantage that will allow us to win this war. FreeSpace 2 Roles are turning around, however, Shivans have much more powerful forces than initially assumed. Only the final - truly epic - battle during which the star explodes ends the conflict. Why this victory can be described as Pyrrhic - find out for yourself.

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