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Star Wars Squadrons PC Download Free

The game is set after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi. The Rebel Alliance won the Battle of Endor, where the second Death Star was destroyed. The Empire is in retreat but has not yet been fully defeated. Star Wars: Squadrons tells the story from the perspective of two pilots - from the Vanguards squadron flying the colors of the New Republic and a member of the Imperial Titans squadron. The campaign allows us to take turns staging these characters and thus learn about both sides of the conflict. Star Wars: Squadrons focuses on the clashes of the titular squadrons, representing the forces of the Empire and the New Republic. We watch the events only from the cockpit of machines, and the gameplay has been enriched with simulation elements.

Star Wars Squadrons PC Download

Each ship comes equipped with a main weapon, defense, and two types of special equipment (such as missiles and repair droids). Some, but not all, units also have energy shields. Available machines include fighters, bombers, support ships and interceptors. The controls are practically the same for all models, which should make it easier to transfer between them. The power management system plays a key role in the game. It's up to us how to split the power between engines, laser cannons and disks. Setting one of these categories to the maximum will limit the performance of the others, but will give you an edge in certain situations and may give you access to additional features. Due to the maximum power supply of the motor, you can, for example, use high acceleration for a short time. By redirecting power to the turrets, you can shoot down the enemy fighter faster before it eludes your sight. The shields regenerate themselves, while damage to the hull requires the use of support units. Repair droids are able to partially repair the damage done to our machine.

Star Wars Squadrons PC Download Free
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Star Wars Squadrons PC

Game Producer:
Motive Studios
Game publisher:
Electronic Arts Inc.
FPS, Space
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OS: Windows 10 64-bit
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X, Intel i7-7700
GPU: Radeon RX 480, GeForce GTX 1060
DirectX: 11.1

Additional information

Star Wars Squadrons We received a sample of Motive Studios capabilities in 2017, because this team was responsible for the story campaign for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. The developers did not disappoint three years ago, but the previous story suffered from one thing: the gameplay time. The reviewed Star Wars: Squadrons takes a completely different perspective, but again it's hard for me not to mention this element from the very beginning, because the scale of the project determines the whole experience. The Canadians had previously been given a chance to tell a more modest story, and now unfortunately they are presenting a smaller project - their title is available at a lower price since launch, which has nothing to do with the quality of the game, but with the content offered.

After the announcement of Star Wars Squadrons, there were voices that EA is preparing a position for players focused on network PVP battles, but the creators of Motive will once again allow interested parties to see a smaller story - a typical introduction to the game. After spending a dozen or so hours with the production, I am sure that the story is, unfortunately, the main part of the production in some way. And I emphasize the word "unfortunately" not because of the quality of the story or the form of the application, but the creators propose a 7-hour story, which from my perspective should last at least twice as long.

Star Wars Squadrons And I don't want to sound like the typical gamer who wants "more and more" here, but Motive Studios shows once again that it can make a good entertainment for Star Wars fans, but once again everything ends too quickly. The campaign has been divided into 16 missions, during which we have the opportunity to participate in events from two perspectives - the Empire and the New Republic. The action takes place right after the stories from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and it is a very predictable adventure in which the Rebel Alliance tries to create a powerful weapon, and the other side wants to destroy this plan at all costs. In terms of the plot, it is not the strongest story in the universe, but the creators present the matter in a very interesting way.

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