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Prodeus is a dynamic shooter observed from the point of view of the first person. The game refers to the old-school representatives of the genre, where the plot is practically non-existent, and all the fun of the game comes from pure destruction and blood streams of opponents. They can be dismembered and killed by us in various brutal ways. At the same time, we must be careful not to die while controlling the health and armor points.

In Prodeus we will also experience inspiration from classic gunfights, as we regain lost life and armor by collecting items scattered around the maps or dropped by killed enemies. We have many types of weapons at our disposal, including a rifle, pistol, grapeshot and others. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. They are affected by the projectile's firing rate, accuracy, reload time, and the number of rounds in the clip. Each of them also uses different types of cartridges.

Prodeus is an old-school FPS. At first glance, it looks like shooters from the 90s, but that's just an illusion. In fact, the game uses high-quality textures in such a way as to imitate the experience from 30 years ago. Prodeus implements the assumptions of the so-called boomer shooter, i.e. shooters for boomers (as a reminder: boomer is not necessarily a positive term for people from the baby boom generation, who cannot break away from the sentiment for the old days and are still looking for solutions known from their youth). The project was implemented by the stars of shooters - Mike Voeller and Jason Mojika - who previously worked on Wolfenstein and Doom.

Prodeus PC Download

In accordance with the rules from years ago, the gameplay in Prodeus focuses on the dynamic elimination of opponents. What's more, the element with which the genre has been associated since its inception are brutal methods of fighting enemies. In the virtual world, blood flows in streams, and individual parts of monsters fly into the air and leave traces of gore wherever possible. In Prodeus, the player has many methods of destruction and various types of weapons. In addition to the classic pistol, rifle or shotgun, you can use, for example, multi-barreled weapons. Each of them has its own specific features - some load faster, others aim more accurately, and still others have a really capacious magazine.

A specific feature of shooters from the 90s was also the need to carefully observe armor and health indicators, and we will find it in Prodeus as well. In order to complete them, it is necessary to find an appropriate item on the map or loot it from a killed opponent. It is worth noting here that when it comes to searching for equipment in the game world, it may often be necessary to solve a more or less complicated puzzle. Each level also has secrets with unique rewards.

Prodeus PC Download Free
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Prodeus Free

Game Producer:
Bounding Box Software
Game publisher:
Humble Games
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CPU SPEED: CPU @ 2+ GHz, 4 cores
GPU: NVidia GTX 580 or AMD HD 7870
OS: Windows 7+

Additional information

Retro look, new time: Past and present collide in graphics that combine today's high-quality 3D technology with retro visuals. Experience lo-fi pixel explosions and hi-tech particle effects as you clash with the Prodeans and the forces of Chaos.
Pure retro FPS mayhem: Get ready for fast and frantic non-stop action. Smash your way through hordes of creatures spawned by Chaos with an arsenal of classic over-the-top weapons.
Rain of Red: Spray the steel walls and alien corridors with the blood of your enemies. Experience the gory thrills of older shooters with Prodeus' deliciously insane dismemberment system.
Community Created Levels: Explore new arenas with a built-in browser filled with community-created maps and enjoy new thrills all the time.
Multiplayer Chaos: Team up in pairs and compete in a variety of multiplayer modes. Take on the 4-player co-op campaign and dive into combat in 16-player Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF and more - then take things to the next level by creating and sharing your own game modes.
Frag to the Music: A supercharged metal soundtrack from retro FPS composer Andrew Hulshult (DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Dusk, Amid Evil) that dynamically changes gears to accompany your actions.

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