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Earthfall for PC Download Prepared for PC, PS4 and XONE, Earthfall is the first-person shooter with elements of the survival genre. This title was developed for a four-person cooperation and allows you to take part in the defense of the Earth against the invasion of extremely dangerous aliens. Holospark studio (known so far from Impossible Travel Agency released in 2016) is responsible for creating the game.


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Earthfall DownloadThe story shown in Earthfall is a variation on classic tales about alien attacks. A meteor hit the Earth, which caused a huge disaster. Unfortunately, when there was chaos and the orderly forces were trying to cope with the crisis, it turned out that it was only the first step of a wider, sinister plan: our planet was invaded by aliens who have hordes of a dangerous heller with themselves. The first blows that humanity received were devastating, but hope still exists – the fate of the Earth rests on the shoulders of ordinary people. The player takes on the role of one of four people who try to stop the invasion of Maya, Roy, Danny or Jonas.

Earthfall’s gameplay of the PC, PS4 and XONE is based on eliminating enemies and carrying out strategic goals assigned to a given mission. In the company of up to three other players, we take strategic positions, fighting against a wide range of enemies (from drones to giant monsters and machines), whose elimination often requires different tactics. The game has several elements that set it apart from similar production. One of them is the possibility of using advanced 3D printers to create various weapons, used to eliminate aliens. We do not have full freedom and freedom, but in the production of the Holospark studio there are plans for dozens of different murder tools. Another interesting mechanic is the possibility of erecting fortifications (fences, turrets) that help us fight.

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Earthfall focuses on the four-player cooperation mode. The game, however, makes it possible to play alone – then the roles of our allies are played by the bots directed by AI. There are several story campaigns in production. Each one is made up of several missions with diverse goals and is played out in different places located in the Pacific Northwest. Each of them also tells a slightly different story, connecting with the others in one, coherent picture.


CPU: Intel Core i5-4430.
HDD: 20 GB

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