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F1 2016 PC Download

F1 2016 Download for PC on PC Windows licensed the eighth edition of a series of racing games, allowing participation in the competition in Formula 1. As usual, for the production of the titles take the British studio Codemasters, with them Account a number of DiRT, Racers, Colin McRae Rally or Micro Machines. In the production process, a big role was played by the opinions of fans from the developers after the release of F1 2015. The game uses the same graphics engine as its predecessor, the introduction of completely new game modes, as well as minor changes to the model fun collected played. F1 2016 for PCfully licensed. As a result, during the game we sit at the controls of the virtual counterparts of real cars and follow the real tracks that were put in place races of the season 2016 - including the brand new , limited to the streets of Azerbaijan Baku. Available players were also given an update indoor teams - do not forget the creators about the debut of the American team Haas F1 Team.

F1 2016 PC Download

In career mode, fun F1 2016 start by creating an avatar and choosing the appropriate our team. Each of these different goals and expectations for our character. For victories and records on the routes points are awarded, which are spent on the purchase of further improvements to various components of the car. The game was introduced as a special location that serves as a hub. We will talk to key members of the team, such as engineers and mechanics, and we will give them eg. New technical projects. F1 2016 on Windows PC for the first time also offers a fully functional test drive that can take place before the actual event. They allow us not only to remember and develop the different ways to find the optimal strategy, but also to earn points and thereby improve the car.

F1 2016 PC Download
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F1 2016 PC

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CPU: Intel Core i3 530 or AMD FX 4100
OS: 64bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
GPU: Nvidia GTX 460 or AMD HD 5870
HDD: 30 GB

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From the F1 cycle, I expect it to be as interesting off the track as on it. While in other racing games the career can be bland and boring, in F1 letting go of little things will not pass. It's also about feeling like an F1 driver! And at Codemasters they finally remembered it. Sure, being in a virtual office and sitting in front of a laptop, listening to voicemail or hanging out with teammates whose animation is numb (and the game is losing fluidity) is not yet my dream come true, but a career in F1 2016 is finally addictive. If only because of the rivalry of team members. Our every move and result is compared with the result of our colleague. Or rather a "friend", because where is there a place for friendship, if you have to be better even in terms of not getting penalties, speed, position and similar details. After each weekend, we see where we were better and where our partner triumphed. As we can start our career in a team from the top or in a team that is at the end of the pack, and we are racing with an avatar created by ourselves, we get into the world of F1 from the very beginning. It is known that if we start our adventure with cars from a team that does not dream of cups, the competition within the team is the first one that motivates us to film better times. We know immediately what is required of us and what we need to improve in order to climb to the top.

I can bet the less hardcore F1 fans didn't really like the practice sessions in previous editions. It might be fun to get to know the track, but it was in qualifying and later in the race that there were real emotions. In F1 2016 it is different - there is no place for boredom during the first training. Codemasters has implemented the "carrot and stick" principle. We can take part in three "programs". The first one requires us to get to know the track, which is a nice warm-up: it consists in passing checkpoints in the form of small goals that we have to enter. In this way, we learn better and efficient cornering. The next session is getting to know the tires. We do laps where we have to learn to treat the tires well: the less wear, the better the result. The next training program is driving focused on achieving the best possible time, with the car settings to go crazy. All these sessions can be skipped, but it's not worth it, because for good achievements we get points, which are later spent on car modifications. Not realistic, in the real world of F1 it doesn't work that way? So what, since the game works great and makes training sessions fun like never before. It is worth taking part in them, because we not only improve our skills, but also make the vehicle from party to party stronger.

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