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From the cycle of F1 I demand that was as interesting off the track as well as on it. While in other games racing career may be dull and boring and so in F1 tempering trinkets will not pass. It is also about to feel overground driver in F1! And Codemasters finally remember it. Granted, being in the virtual office and drudgery in front of a laptop, listening to voice mail, or meeting with members of the team, whose animation is stale (and the game loses its fluidity) are not yet a dream come true, but F1 career in 2016 finally is addictive. If only because of the competition team members. Our every move, and the result is compared with the result colleague. A rather “colleague” because where does the friendship when you have to be even better in terms of not acquiring or penalties, speed, position, and similar details. After each weekend we can see where we were better, and where our partner triumphed. As we begin a career, we can as a team with tight top or in a team which at the end of the rate, and we race created their avatar, from the very beginning screwed into the world of F1. We know, if we begin the adventure with the cars of the team, who does not dream of the cups, the rivalry within the team as the first motivation to shoot better times. At once we know what is required of us and what we need to improve to climb to the top.



I bet that less hardcore F1 fans do not really fond of training sessions in previous versions. Like a good read of the track, but in qualifying and then the race was true emotions. In F1 2016 it is different – already during the first workout there is no room for boredom. Codemasters has introduced the principle of “carrot and stick”. We can participate in three “programs”. The first requires us to get acquainted with the track, which is a friendly warm-up: consists of assigning control points in the form of small goals, in which we enter. In this way, we learn better and more effective cornering. The next session is learning about the tires. We are overcome lap, during which we must learn to treat well the tires: the lower the consumption, the better the outcome. The next training program to drive focused on achieving the best time, with settings that allow the car to go crazy. All of these sessions can be avoided, but not worth it for the good performance we get points, which then spent on modifications to the car. Unrealistic in the real world F1 so it does not work? So what if the game works great and makes the training sessions fun as ever. It should take part in them, because not only improve their skills, but also makes the vehicle from the event to the event is stronger.

The atmosphere of the event finally feel at every step. When we spend time in the pit, we can watch others through the TV camera. Like a little thing, probably nobody will not do this for more than a minute, but from time to time, cool look and feel as real driver. Although Codemasters moments “przedobrzyło.” During the race, we get voice messages from team members, which we can respond. They inform us about other drivers going betray a loss leader or advantage over teammate, talk about the weather or propose a change of strategy. You can answer them, what at first seemed to me a masterwork of innovation. I’m in turns, try to overtake, and the handset can hear the voice of the team and I have thirty seconds to respond.

F1 2016 Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i3 530 or AMD FX 4100
OS: 64bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Video Card: Nvidia GTX 460 or AMD HD 5870
Free Disk Space: 30 GB

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