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F1 2019 PC Download Free

F1 2019 Free A racing game based on the Formula 1 license, representing the series developed by Codemasters Software Studio. In F1 2019, players can not only compete for victory in Formula 1 but also try their hand at Formula 2. F1 2019 is a racing game based on Formula 1 license. The title represents the series developed by Codemasters Software since 2009; We're talking about a team with brands like DiRT and GRID in their portfolio. Interestingly, the premiere of the described production coincided with the Austrian Grand Prix. F1 2019 Download for PC In F1 2019 we start in Formula 1; The game includes all vehicles and teams participating in real season 2019 combat, as well as each of the twenty-one authentic tracks. In addition, the authors allow us to fight for victory for the first time in Formula 2. However, the 2018 season was in the premiere version, while the 2019 season was added in one of the later updates. Particular attention was also paid to the development of the car and improving its share of experience points gained in training.

F1 2019 PC Download

In addition to the Formula 2 races, the title, described against the background of the previous edition of the series, is characterized by the presence of a special car for multiplayer use, which complies with current FIA guidelines and whose livery is adapted to the individual Preferences can be adjusted. Two iconic cars from the 2010 season, the Ferrari F10 driven by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, and the McLaren MP4-25 driven by Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button also made their way into the virtual garage. The list of new products ends with the possibility to see the most important parts of the race, chosen in the replays. In F1 2019 you can play alone in long career mode or in single races and multiplayer. The latter allows you to participate in leagues and test your skills as part of the weekly challenges. While working on the game F1 2019, the developers improved the graphics, improved the lighting, improved the details of routes and cars, improved the appearance of night races.

F1 2019 PC Download Free
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CPU: Intel Core i3-2130 @ 3.4GHz or AMD FX-4300 @ 3.8GHz.
GPU: GeForce GT 640 or Radeon HD 7750.

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It's amazing what the creators from the Codemasters studio do every year. F1 2019 proves once again that it can be even better and more interesting. Which, in fact, fits perfectly into the atmosphere accompanying the struggles of Formula 1 teams. If you played the previous part of the series, you are probably wondering what, apart from the typical gameplay improvements and seasonal updates, the creators prepared that it is still worth reaching for the new installment? After all, even today last year's part is defending perfectly. There are probably no big surprises. However, you should answer a very simple question - did F1 2019 even need any revolution and change of concept, especially with a full FIA license?

Of course not. That is why experienced virtual drivers will feel like a fish in the water in the game. And beginners should not complain. Interestingly, noticeable changes occur - although not at first glance - in the graphic design. F1 2019 We did not expect, of course, graphic fountains, because for many years the F1 series focuses primarily on optical realism, so that the races in the game resemble TV coverage as much as possible. And this procedure was simply successful once again.

F1 2019 The routes of the world-famous circuits have received more details, as well as a modified lighting system. Driving at night with a slight fog makes a phenomenal impression, just like the delicate dust of the desert, hovering over the route in Bahrain, for example. When it comes to the gameplay itself, the main course is, of course, the career mode. This time, however, it starts a bit differently, with the F2 class. The Formula 2 World Championship has a rich history, and two years ago it returned in a classic form.

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