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F1 2020 PC Free Download

F1 2020 Free The next installment in a series of racing games under the Formula 1 license. In F1 2020, the authors introduced new cars and tracks, as well as My Team mode, which allows you to create your own team . The game also allows you to play with a friend on a split screen. F1 2020 is the next installment in the official Formula 1 game series developed by Codemasters Software. The British team is also known for many other racing games such as the GRID series, DiRT and Colin McRae Rally. F1 2020 Download for PC The basic assumptions of F1 2020 are no different from what we were used to in the previous stretches of the cycle. As Formula 1 drivers, we take part in races on more than twenty faithfully recreated tracks (including two new ones: Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort), developing our car and improving it with more and more advanced technology. All official teams and drivers of the 2020 Formula 1 season are available to us.

F1 2020 PC Download

F1 2020 includes all standard modes known from previous parts of the series. We can play alone as part of the driver career or, for the first time, in the new My Team mode, in which we create our own team and lead it as a driver manager. In both cases, the game lets us choose whether we want to participate in the entire season of 22 races, or limit ourselves to 10 or 16. There's also a single race option and multiplayer play, including a two-person split-screen mode returning after a hiatus. The game also includes Formula 2 competitions with drivers and cars from 2019. The F1 driver career can start with a full season of 12 races in Formula 2. F1 2020 features a cycle-typical realistic three-dimensional visual setting. The authors improved the level of detail of the graphics, thereby beautifying the car models and routes. In addition, the developers have expanded the game's personalization options, allowing you to adapt it to the preferences of both newcomers and veterans of the series.

F1 2020 PC Free Download
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F1 2020 PC

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OS: 64 bit Windows 10.
CPU: Intel Core i3 2130 / AMD FX 4300.
GPU: NVIDIA GT 640 / AMD HD 7750 (DirectX11 Graphics Card)
HDD: 80 GB

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F1 2020 It is important, however, that the title offers an extremely wide range of fun customization. In addition to assists, we will decide on the choice of tires, race strategy and the difficulty of our rivals, which offers as much as a 110-degree range. Importantly, each of the changes is perceptible and has a real impact on the course of the race. The large scale of grading of rivals works perfectly well, but their behavior is sometimes incomprehensible. While the drivers are passive on a low level of difficulty and can easily be overtaken with child's play, tough rivals can be extremely aggressive.

F1 2020 There were times when speeding opponents hit the back of the car, and the game classified it as our offense and we got a warning for a collision. F1 2020 Events like this can be frustrating, but as a whole, AI works really well. In addition to our current duties - such as driving a car, defining strategies or giving interviews - signing contracts with sponsoring companies, recruiting drivers and taking care of the calendar have been added to our tasks, so that between races you will always be in the spotlight and gain a reputation that will facilitate negotiations and help in team development.

F1 2020 However, when we are not interested in the tasks of the manager and we want to focus only on the role of the driver, the driver's career is still available. This time we can start the adventure in Formula 2 full-time, twelve long races, followed by the so-called sprints. Of course, the game offers to shorten this career stage to three and six races or jump straight to Formula 1. However, it is worth choosing at least a short variant to learn about the specifics of driving and rules that differ significantly from those we know and guarantee equally interesting fun.

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