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F1 2021 PC Free Download

F1 2021 Free is the twelfth installment in the popular racing game series based on the Formula 1 license, developed by the Codemasters studio. It is also the first in the series to be developed after the team was acquired by Electronic Arts, which assumed publisher responsibilities. In F1 2021 we take part in Formula 1 races. Thanks to the official license, the production allows us to fight for victory behind the wheels of faithfully reproduced cars, compete with real drivers representing iconic teams and drive on well-known circuits. The Formula 2 class returns to the game where we can play the season in a short, medium or full version, which is a perfect preparation for the main attraction, the Formula 1 Championship, F1 2021 as well as the F2 class is update we need to download a special patch. F1 2021 Download for PC This title wants to be a simulation, but the authors do not forget less experienced players. The game has implemented a number of options that allow you to adjust the driving model to the tastes of both battle-hardened drivers and occasional competitors. Once the race is over, you can view key moments selected by the game or watch a full replay.

F1 2021 PC Download

F1 2021 offers us a variety of game modes. The biggest novelty is "Road to Fame" - a story mode in which we have to travel through two seasons of Formula 1, take part in the adventures of our driver off the track and play him on the track. In addition, there is a Real Season Start feature that tracks current standings and allows you to start the ongoing season from the current time. There is also a career mode in production, for the needs of which the research and development system and training programs have been refreshed (quick drills have also been introduced). Interestingly, we can play it both alone and with other players that cooperate or compete. All this is complemented by My Team, where we form the eleventh team and become its driver manager and lead it to glory. In addition, the game has an extensive multiplayer mode that allows you to play over the internet or in a split screen. In addition, there is a module for eSports games; In addition to online qualifications and news, it also offers the opportunity to follow the races of the F1 Esports Challenger and Pro Series series. F1 2021 is the first game in the series to arrive on ninth-gen consoles. The title takes full advantage of their abilities and offers, among other things, more beautiful graphics with RTX technology (only in replays on new generation consoles) and faster loading of races.

F1 2021 PC Free Download
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F1 2021 PC

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OS: Windows 10 64-bit (Version 1709) | For Ray Tracing: Windows 10 64-bit (Version 2004)
CPU: Intel Core i3-2130 or AMD FX 4300
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 950 or AMD R9 280 | For Ray Tracing: GeForce RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 6700 XT
DirectX: Version 12
HDD: 80 GB

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There are, in fact, three of the most important novelties in F1 2021: The Road to Fame story mode, a career for two, and new race tracks. The "Road to Fame" campaign will keep you entertained for several hours. This is a fictionalized campaign in which Aiden Jackson is initially played. He is a young F2 driver who enters Formula 1 (one of five teams is selected), where his partner is the experienced Casper Akkerman. The situation in this team between the two drivers is very tense and changes over time. Additionally, Devon Butler, who plays the role of a villain, and regular drivers from the current stake are at stake. F1 2021 The plot begins with the last race of the 2019 F2 series, then there is the 2020 season and the 2021 season. This mode consists in driving parts of the races (a few - a dozen laps) during which you have to achieve goals (e.g. you should be promoted to a given position, or overtake a specific competitor). This type of mode is not new to sports games, and its introduction to F1 2021 is a bull's eye in my opinion. I hope he will come out with new heroes every year. The plot of this mode in F1 2021 can be seen that it is inspired by real events. Casper Akkerman is very similar in character to Kimi Raikkonen. Of course, there are changes to make it a different character.

F1 2021 Codemasters found themselves in a difficult position due to changes to the calendar, but unlike the previous edition, this time they decided to add new circuits. Portugal's Algarve International Circuit was added to the game in September. Imola will appear in Italy in October and Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia in November. The track in Turkey and possibly the facility in Qatar will still be missing - if it actually joins the real calendar. F1 2021 The Algarve circuit was very well reproduced and is one of my favorites in the game. It's good that they're adding new tracks, but it takes them several months. Algarve and Imola are tracks that were on the calendar a year ago and they got into the current one quite quickly, so they had a lot of time, but apparently it takes several months of work for Codemasters to prepare the track.

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