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FIA European Truck Racing Championship PC Download Free

FIA European Truck Racing Championship A racing game in which we'll get behind the wheel of a powerful truck. Production is licensed by the FIA ​​European Truck Racing Championship. The French company Bigben Interactive is responsible for the creation and release. FIA European Truck Racing Championship is a racing game in which we'll get behind the wheel of a powerful truck. The game is licensed by the titular organization for this type of combat and features a high level of realism. The well-known French company Bigben Interactive (publisher of the popular WRC racing series) is responsible for the creation and publication. FIA European Truck Racing Championship Download for PC FIA ​​European Truck Racing Championship is a classic racing game, which is characterized above all by the type of vehicle driven by the player. The game's creators focused on realism, and the powerful five-ton trucks require a decidedly different approach than fast Formula 1 cars, light motorcycles or racing cars. In FIA Truck Racing European Championship we can play both alone and with others - as part of a network or in local multiplayer. The FIA ​​​​Truck Racing European Championship features attractive three-dimensional graphics.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship PC Download

The production was based on the KT Engine, which was specially developed for racing games (known from the WRC, TT Isle of Man or V-Rally series). The lamp looks realistic. The vehicles and tracks are highly detailed and faithfully reproduce the prototypes known from the real world. All kinds of effects (e.g. rain, sunbeams) perform well. The peculiarity of cars is especially evident, for example, when overtaking competitors or braking - the huge weight requires a proper feel and the use of a special manual brake cooling system with water, which we bring (each vehicle has two hundred liters of liquid and it is necessary to handle it properly). The races take place on closed circuits where you will find many real locations such as the French Le Mans, the Italian Misano, the Belgian Zolderbahn or the Nürbürgring in Germany. In each race, 12 drivers have to cover 45 kilometers.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship PC Download Free
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FIA European Truck Racing Championship PC

Game Producer:
Kylotonn / KT Racing
Game publisher:
Nacon / Bigben Interactive
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CPU: Intel Core i3-540 or AMD Phenom II X4 940.
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 5870 2GB.
HDD: 12 GB
DirectX: Version 11

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You probably don't know much about truck racing. This sport, once even shown on the pages of Eurosport, is now quite niche. While it is still popular in the Czech Republic and Germany (a lot of starting drivers come from these countries), in Poland it is practically unknown. It's a pity, because it's an extremely crazy and effective field of motorsport. Let's start with the vehicles the competitors are racing. These are tractor units with a minimum weight of 5.3 tons. They are equipped with diesel engines with a capacity not exceeding 13 liters and power sometimes even over 1000 HP. Another curiosity about the weight - according to the regulations, the front axle must generate a pressure of just over 3.1 tons. This makes cars inherently oversteer, where the heavy front axle provides traction and the light rear axle loses it quickly.

The races are held in Europe on eight race tracks. Interestingly, four races and two qualifying sessions are held during one racing weekend (two more Super Pole sessions are held for the top ten). The racing weekend is therefore full of attractions for fans. And now the biggest surprise of this racing series. This is perhaps the only area of ​​motorsport where a speed limit has been introduced. For safety reasons, the cars must not run faster than 160 km / h. Even so, in the event of an accident, cars continue to puncture the guardrails as if they were made of paper!

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