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Fractured Space for PC Download Three red arrows show enemy ships grouping around our forward base in the beta sector, trying to free the station from the two friendly defenders still in position. My ship – a cruiser of the Colossus class, 1.7 km of armor and firepower – sinks a hyperspace tunnel that is fresh from a respawn. I choose a jump target in the beta and adjust my bearing to the small red arrow closest to my starting point. The jump drive rewinds.



Download Fractured Space for PC free InstallShield


Fractured Space Download The Colossus snaps out of the hyperspace in a white flash. After I have already set up the Breitseite, I shoot, before this small red arrow – now a 1.4 km long war ship of the Sentinel class – can react. My starboard guns have weapons with a sound like the drums from the Battlestar Galactica Intro. The sentinel breaks under the pressure before exploding in a shock wave of the orange flame. I have either saved only the day or moved me over time and space to kill someone, depending on who you ask.

In standard mode, conquest, the space is divided into five sectors: two “side” sectors, alpha and beta, a central sector, gamma, and a home sector for each team. The goal is to capture your opponent’s home country, but to make sure your team has to open up the leap path by entering forward bases into alpha or beta. Resources collected by controlling mining stations unlock power boosters for your team’s ships, and every few minutes a massive mining station in Gamma becomes active. The team that captures Gamma gains a Strength Strength, which becomes more powerful when the game continues – much like the Dragon of the League of Legends.

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You have a three-dimensional control over your ship’s movement, although your degree of pitch and roll is limited: that is, you can move up and down, but not turn around. It feels like a great space ship, but it is not a simulation of space travel. Fight is more a matter of judgment and decay management than twitch ability. While there is a certain degree of manual goal involved, the macroscale decisions that make you are much more important. In which area is your ship most effective? How do you get in an ideal shot? What is your opponent think, and where your team mates must be?


Minimum Requirements:

CPU Speed: 2.3+ GHz
OS: (64 bit only at present) Windows 7 SP1 (must have KB 2670838 installed) / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
Video Card: DX11 with Feature Level 11, SM5 (NVIDIA 470 GTX, AMD HD6850 or greater)
Free Disk Space: 16 GB

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