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Heavy Metal Machines PC Download Free

Heavy Metal MachinesKick it into high gear with Heavy Metal Machines, a free-to-play title that fuses racing and MOBA gameplay into a fast-paced, high-octane blend of strategy and mayhem! In the aftermath of the apocalypse, mad warriors play a dangerous game of chickens wiping out their vehicles to deliver a bomb to their opponents' base. You must use every dirty trick in the book to achieve your goal without getting blasted to pieces in the process! Heavy Metal Machines is an upcoming free-to-play racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by Mad Max. Take control of a variety of vehicles, each with different attributes, drivers and customizable parts to make your car a unique one Look and play style. Fight in a 4v4 arena where players must move the bomb in the center to the enemy base without dying and ensure victory with each bomb delivered. Take part in high-speed car battles where each player chooses drivers based on their roles, including support drivers and attack drivers. Unleash a wide range of abilities like Windrider's Veiled Dream, teleport enemies and allies to the spiritual realm for health restoration, or Clunker's Magnetic Pulse, which pulls the surrounding cars towards you.

Heavy Metal Machines PC Download

Heavy Metal Machines Download for PCEvery Heavy Metal Machines game is a 4v4 competition. Vehicles fill one of three roles - interceptor, support or transport - each with their own special attacks and piloted by a wide range of colorful characters. As you compete, you'll earn unique skills, skins, and abilities. Forget gas - it's all about adrenaline in this frantic, explosive, non-split competition!
-Variation of Playable Characters - Play as any of the game's various characters, such as Metal Herald, Little Monster and Wildfire, each having unique vehicles with unique abilities.
-Intense Combat - Unleash powerful and destructive abilities on your enemies, turning the tide of battle as you attempt to move the bomb into enemy territory.
-4v4 PvP battles - team up with three friends and devastate teams of four opponents in all-out 4v4 battles.
-Customizable Cars - mix and match car parts and weapons, and customize your driver to make the craziest combinations possible.
-Tons of Skills - Access a variety of skills by trying out new characters, each with four skills for use in battle.

Heavy Metal Machines PC Download Free
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Heavy Metal Machines PC

Game Producer:
Hoplon Infotainment
Game publisher:
Hoplon Infotainment
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OS: Windows 7
CPU: Dual core – 2.0GHz
GPU: 512 MB
DirectX: Version 9.0

Additional information

In Heavy Metal Machines we control cars, and each of them has a specific skill. The game is about a bomb that must be transported to the enemy base. Our opponent will hinder us in this, and our allies will try to help at all costs. The game is online only. All cars are divided into three classes: Transporter, Support, Interceptor. Each of them is characterized by a given index, e.g. strength from other classes. The transporter, as the name suggests, is designed to transport the bomb to the enemy team. Playing it is not very exciting because it deals little damage, which makes it difficult to destroy the opponent, but it has high endurance. With the help of the team that will restore his life, he is able to transport the bomb without much problem.

Heavy Metal Machines Interceptor is designed to protect against enemy attack. In this category, you'll find cars that can heal your team. Note that the cost of healing is reduced attack power. Support provides support to the Transporter. Sam is quite fast, so he can also carry a bomb. The problem appears only on larger maps - he has too low endurance to deal with opponents, but he has something to defend himself. Deals a lot of damage and has unique specialties.
Heavy Metal Machines The game is very enjoyable to play. Each vehicle has been made in such a way as not to disturb the gameplay for others. There is no way to improve them, so everyone has a fair chance and victory depends on teamwork. We have vehicle skins to unlock - as the lv of the vehicle increases, we have access to more valuable skins.

Heavy Metal Machines The problem of the game is the relatively small number of players. We have to wait an average of 2 minutes for the match, and the match itself can be finished after five minutes. This does not mean that the game is boring, quite the opposite. A lot also depends on our team, me and the opponent. The more harmonious the team, the better it has to win.
Heavy Metal Machines Cars worth recommending are the excavator with a car that summons the spirits of galloping buffaloes. The excavator can easily transport the bomb and take it from the opponent. With the spirits of galloping buffaloes the same is true. This special skill is useful when the enemy is close to our base with the bomb. By clicking on Q, you activate the skill and the bomb will fly backwards. At this point, we can take it and move to the enemy base.

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