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Micro Machines World Series PC Download Free

Micro Machines World Series Another installment in the cult series of arcade racing games from Codemasters Software Studio. Just like in the legendary prototype from 1991, Micro Machines: World Series take control of the RC toy cars and we run with rivals on crazy tracks. 12 vehicles were made available, among which there is a place for exotic racing cars or trucks sowing chaos on the track. Individual machines have a rich arsenal, including rocket launchers, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, and machine guns. Races are held in places like pool tables, indoor homes, backyard walkways or even the kitchen table. The key to victory is to effectively eliminate opponents and avoid many obstacles on the tracks. In the Micro Machines: World Series you can play alone or in the company of other players. Besides playing classic races we can take part in battles in the arena and other fun modes. Micro Machines World Series Download for PC Micro Machines: World Series is another part of the cult series of arcade racing games created by a team of Codemasters Software. The cycle was born in 1991 and has not appeared on PCs or consoles since 2006 when it came to Micro Machines V4 sales. Still, its mobile spin-off suffered, eventually convincing the creators of the big return. So here was discussed the production that was born, which, among other things, was released on the Windows PC platform.

Micro Machines World Series PC Download

Just as it was in the legendary original, Micro Machines: World Series take control of the remote control car models. At your disposal were given 12 different vehicles, among which there is a place for exotic cars and trucks on the track sowing chaos races. Individual machines equipped with a diverse arsenal - talk about rocket launchers, grenade launchers, flamethrowers or even with machine guns. Attention is drawn to unusual places, where the role for a place on the podium comes to our fight. Races are held on for pool tables, in sheds, backyards on the sidewalks and finally the famous one from the original, the kitchen table, which is rife with obstacles in the form of cups, cutlery, plates and leftover food. Interestingly, the key to victory is eliminating consecutive opponents, as well as getting acquainted with the different routes - these riddled with numerous obstacles for the likes of spilled oil, which can be used to reverse the fate of the race.

Micro Machines World Series PC Download Free
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Micro Machines World Series PC

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CPU: AMD FX Series or Intel Core i3 Series
OS: 64bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
GPU: AMD HD5570 or NVIDIA GT440 with 1GB of VRAM (DirectX 11 graphics card required)

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Micro Machines World Series is mainly races of tiny cars that run on various routes, fighting with each other with the help of collected gadgets. The title offers online gameplay and couch fun for up to four people. Unfortunately, although on paper the production seems to be a fantastic proposition, which even Sunday players will reach for, it quickly turns out that Micro Machines World Series is a title that lacks content, and the optimization issue has been completely mocked. At first glance, the work of Codies makes a very good impression. For some time now I have been really bothered by how complicated the new games are. We develop, for example, the character, its weapons, equipment, then subsequent ranks, modifiers, and all buttons on the pad are responsible for other functions. I missed a new game where I would just sit and play without thinking what the ten things I unlocked for leveling up are. Micro Machines World Series, made me realize that there is nothing to bend the other way.

Micro Machines World Series This production suffers from a lack of content. The game offers three game modes - race, elimination and battle. Within a few days of the premiere, there is a problem with finding people willing to play in the last two modes. This is probably related to the fact that they are simply boring and, for example, in the battle mode, the fun comes down to reaching a designated point and defending it or taking over the enemy's flag. Unfortunately, the huge confusion on the board means that sometimes we are completely unable to see what is happening, and the low smoothness of the game that occurs then additionally hinders precise control.

Micro Machines World Series The elimination mode is a variation on the classic race with the difference that here the camera is hung very close to the vehicles, and whoever is out of its range or is destroyed is out. Depending on how far we go, we gain points that bring us closer to the result required to win. However, the modes I have discussed sometimes suffer from a complete lack of people willing to play, which is why their roles are replaced by artificial intelligence, and this does not allow you to enjoy the game as much as a duel with a living human who makes mistakes or surprises with original tactics. We can easily find live players in an ordinary race, which gave me the most fun. In Micro Machines World Series, the fight lasts from the start, which we should use as wisely as possible, to the last seconds when we are chasing another driver or trying to avoid enemy fire.

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