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MXGP 2 PC Download

MXGP 2 Download for PC - MXGP 2: The Official Motocross Video Game is a sequel to the racing game released in 2014, which deals with one of the most spectacular motor sports that is motocross. Is responsible for the rise of the game experienced again Italian studio Milestrone, with to its credit blockbuster series as SBK: Superbike Championship and MotoGP will ride or. Compared to the first part of the series, which in addition to popular PCs established itself on consoles, past and present generations MXGP has already appeared exclusively on the so-called. next gene. MXGP 2 for PC The mechanics of the game have not changed significantly compared to the original from 2014, and the creators again put the emphasis on the realism of racing motocross and possibly true to the accompanying sensations on the screens of home computers and consoles. While so the roar of the engines play with us and mud and dust bubble out from under the wheels of the machines. Like the first installment of the series, the title officially licensed Motocross World Championship, the game features a full set of riders and teams from the 2015 season and tracks faithfully reproduced. Among them are the most popular motocross arena, which is located both in open space and in special halls. Not to forget, of course, with great skills to customize the look of motorcyclists and the parameters of their machines.

MXGP 2 PC Download

The most important variant of the game is of course the career mode, which - interestingly - we can also play both offline and connected to the network. Fun start as a young player who signs a contract with one of the teams participating in the MXGP competition and who is slowly climbing the career ladder. Competing for the title of the world's best biker, here we can compete with well-known players from around the world, such as Ryan Villopoto, Tony Cairoli and Romain Febvre. The game was also a number of other modes, allowing for a relaxed rivalry with the computer AI and other players in the network.

MXGP 2 PC Download
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CPU: 2.4 GHz
OS: Windows XP
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 7600 or ATI X1600 or higher with at least 512MB of display memory

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MXGP 2 The Italian stable Milestone is well known to computer and console enthusiasts of two wheels. It is this developer who is the only one who regularly creates motorcycle games of various topics - in its portfolio it has both MotoGP, SBK, Ride and MXGP brands. The new part of the latter is the third approach of the studio to the motocross topic. After a two-year break, we get a chance to jump with Yamaha or KTM after huge jumps and although there is a lot of good here, the game is still not perfect.

MXGP 2 But let's start with the most important element. Playability. And this is just a very strong feature of the MXGP2. Milestone's experience in creating games with two wheels in the lead role paid off for this title. It provides a very pleasantly real feeling of driving a motocross machine over sharp turns, big jumps and at a nice speed. Especially from the camera presenting the player's point of view, i.e. placed at the height of his helmet, the game looks the best. The machine seems to be extremely obedient and flexible in turns, especially when we already have mastered the basic techniques of driving and use this knowledge to make our ride as smooth as possible. There is plenty of time for this as the game is fun to play for weeks.

MXGP 2 As befits licensed productions, MXGP2 offers a complete representation of the Motocross World Championship - you will find here two racing classes (MXGP and MX2) with real teams and competitors, motorbikes and routes. Not only that, Milestone has recently been fond of expanding the kit with manufacturers of parts and accessories. AGV or Arai helmet? Alpinestars or Scott shoes? Akrapovic or Yoshimura muffler? Michelin or Pirelli rubbers? You have to answer these questions yourself, but while in the case of items of clothing, the decision only affects the appearance, some of the parts, apart from the change in appearance, also affect the statistics. Of course, access to new elements is limited in a simple way - by the price. To replace the helmet, get a new painting of the machine or a better silencer, you need some credits for it. I do not mention that the bikes only cost, and it would be nice to have a garage composed of some nice machines, e.g. Honda CRF 450R, Kawasaki KX450F or KTM 450 SX-F, and they are all here, including Yamaha, Suzuki or Husqvarna .

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