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Need For Speed 2016 PC Download

Need For Speed ​​2016 Free If the heroes of the Need for Speed ​​cutscenes had anything to say about the PC version, it probably would look something like the above. However, this issue is important for another group - PCMR, that is, Gasoline Crazy Race Masters. It's the people with fuel in their blood race champions who feel the need for speed. Once they exchanged pictures of cars with chewing gum, and the most valuable one was the one with the highest PS-s (German power supply). For them, life is a pursuit and everything else waits. And indeed - for the new Need for Speed ​​we really had a lot of naczekać. Not to restart the annual break count due to brand, the owners of the computers have to be patient additionally for the next four months. The creators of the studio Geist emphasized that they need more time to refine the game and ask fans to continue what they expect - an unlimited number of frames per second, better graphics and use the wheel. In principle, one can say that this achieves everything, but nothing else. In another matter pecetowy port was treated with a little neglect, without the application working, and the authors - despite promises - failed to place any patches and improvements to the console version in the PC version. In another review, I compared rebooting the Need for Speed ​​series to migrating to an entirely new car model — straight out of the living room — instead of polishing it's been used for years. Need for Speed ​​PC would be a little like the new car mentioned, but in the "Full Option" version, with the most powerful engine and full of accessories. At least it seemed fine, but the reception turned out to be the few options we received "standard".

Need For Speed 2016 PC Download

The graphics settings on Ultra ensures a constant 60 frames per second, and even more if we have a suitable monitor. There is also no indication of instability or gliczach - the game no longer crashes, leaking into the system, the lack of penetration of objects, textures disappear. It should be emphasized that the authors here have not had too difficult a task, graphics in Need for Speed ​​is mostly black emptiness of the night, some lights, stopped traffic, occasional rain and large models of cars - but for those we already used in other titles. In the dark concrete jungle that is the city of Ventura Bay, offers spectacular views of the streets drowning in the glow of neon signs. Dominated by long highways or dingy alleys in industrial districts, usually illuminated by street lamps and reflections caused by siąpiącego rain - perhaps only due to the lack of dynamics are just fairly sparse graphics options. The positive aspect of such Egyptian Eclipse is that players have to reduce graphic details for better liquidity will not notice much difference on the screen between the majority and ultra settings medium. I have to admit that a lot of the time it took me to find where the contrast in textures or geometry would really catch my eye. Eventually I was able to discover a slightly more simplified model of hedging at low detail and texture, just using a bit less detail in the form of a dirt or raids - nothing you care about driving a Porsche 250 km/h.

Need For Speed 2016 PC Download
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Need For Speed 2016 PC

Game Producer:
EA Gothenburg / Ghost Games
Game publisher:
Electronic Arts Inc.
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CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 or equivalent with 4 hardware threads
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB, AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB, or equivalent DX11 compatible GPU with 4GB of memory
DX: 11
OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
Store: 30 GB free space

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Need For Speed ​​2016 Visually, the new part of NFS looks beautiful, the Frostbite engine is showing its power again. The metropolis is shown almost exclusively at night and sometimes at dawn, which builds the atmosphere of illegal racing. The cars have been refined with great attention to detail, they look very effective. We play the role of a young, talented driver who impressed the local group of steering champions with his achievements. Willing to win their kindness, he starts a series of street challenges that will bring him fame and recognition. However, it is a long way to go.

The story of Need For Speed ​​2016 is told through short cutscenes with actors. Contrary to fears, the role plays came out quite fine. Their expressive performances are watched with interest. Although, of course, the story itself is still simple and does not stand out from the movie classics in the style of "Fast and the Furious". From time to time we will see or hear famous city races - designer Magnus Walker or the popular driver Ken Block. They encourage us to continue the competition, setting new tasks for the hero.

Need For Speed ​​2016 is divided into five types of competition: Lawlessness, Style, Tuning, Speed, and Crew. Each of them is symbolized by one of the aforementioned automotive icons. It is only up to us which path we choose, freely switching between them. To fully complete the game, however, we must "complete" all of them. We are invited to take part in a given discipline by our teammates. They call us, tell a short anecdote and then point to the place on the map where the race will start.

Need For Speed ​​2016 These phone calls are the most annoying parts of Need for Speed. The phone rings almost non-stop, also when we rush at breakneck speed to dial the best lap time. It just gets in the way and breaks the beat. The game is dominated by great drifts in various forms, be it a short slalom between containers, a long descent down the hill with other players or a hit and effective gymkhana. It is a pity that the role of the police has been severely limited. This one appears rarely and poses no challenge. We'll run away from her in no time.

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