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Need For Speed NFS Most Wanted PC Download

NFS Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted Download I have to admit that the decisions of the Electronic Arts company regarding the presentation of the latest Need for Speed ​​​​series reads to be a little strange for me at first sight seemed. It is supported by a number of factors. The last two titles focused our attention on illegal night races with their own stunning models. Players to resolve this appealed apparently. Both parts of the metro enjoyed great popularity, because also in Poland. In confirmation of these words it is also worth remembering that the second part of NFS: Subway has presented our poll for the most popular game and its predecessor was in the top in 2003. Most Wanted, which is the latest installment of the classic saga he takes a completely different approach to the topic of dynamic racing. After several hours on the finished production I can say for sure that the changes are and it's pretty big. I have the impression that the sympathizers of the last game from a number of new items please Most Wanted. Many things have been left unchanged since. The real career mode begins in a very similar way to many other members of this species. We have a limited amount of money for which we can buy any of the three vehicles. The exception is a situation where we installed the previous parts of the series. Then, because we count on a modest bonus, resulting in a list of proposals will be extended by an additional car. Individual machine quite significantly different from each other. On a broader discussion of this element of the game will still have time.

Need For Speed ​​NFS Most Wanted PC Download

I dare say that most of you have the basic premise of Need for Speed: Most Wanted well known. For the record, I just remember that this game was involved in a theme of tuning cars to combine with dynamic car chases police. The authors of the review ścigałki clear, however, notes that the second element will be an essential point of the program. They have to admit that they kept their word. Tuning indeed relegated to the background. On a broader discussion of this element of the game will still have time. The whole point of the program continues to be an extensive career mode. Contrary to the last set of views, in which we had to deal with fairly trivial stakes, this time cared to deal with a bit more "professional" scenario. Should continue to be, of course, remember that we are dealing with an extremely simple arcade and adventure will not be extended. I have the impression, though, that the proponents of too ambitious production of greats like Kino Torque is very popular in our country show Fastlane the theme presented should be quite sufficient. The player takes on the role of a young driver who comes to one of the great American metropolises in search of new sensations. She is obviously fictional, although sharing many similarities with the real location. The main character pretty quickly gets along with other supporters of tremendous speed up to also meets a man named Razor, who organizes illegal races. The man also ran the famous "black list" of the best players in the area. You have to admit that the initial stages of the game are very cleverly constructed. We take part in several test races Razorowi to prove their exceptional skills. Ultimately we go to the right duel, matched by the main character put at stake (even without the player's) car. Those of you who have been counting on a quick fix mode career I want to disappoint you, unfortunately. 😉 It turns out that people Razor could be reached in a row of our machine, "change", whereby it rozkracza in the middle of the road and driven to form with him have to leave. But the fun doesn't stop there. We can count on the support of Mia who, for reasons unknown, decides to help us get back to the top of the list.

Need For Speed NFS Most Wanted PC Download
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Need For Speed NFS Most Wanted PC

Game Producer:
Electronic Arts Inc.
Game publisher:
Electronic Arts Inc.
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CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Windows 2000/XP
GPU: 64 MB 3D video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6200+ / ATI Radeon 9800+ )

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Need For Speed ​​NFS Most Wanted Freedom - this word probably best describes Need for Speed: Most Wanted created by Criterion Games. From the very beginning of the game, we are thrown into the middle of a huge playground, which we can use in exactly the way we want to. The creators used a simple but brilliant procedure - they put all the cars at our disposal from the very beginning. To drive them, you only need to find them, and the better a car, the better hidden it is. I was surprised that such a gameplay-friendly solution had not been introduced before. The best, fastest cars so far were like a sausage on a stick hung just above the player's head. You want a Lamborghini Gallardo? You want a Porsche 911? You want a McLaren F1? Then get in the Golf IV and drive a little, and then we'll reward you. Much later.

Need For Speed ​​NFS Most Wanted Criterion Games acted very boldly and made most of the cars available from the very beginning - there is no problem to win the first races behind the wheel of the aforementioned Porsche 911, Chevrolet Corvette or other sports wonder. Only the ten cars from the Most Wanted list will be selected only when we reach the appropriate position on the list and beat them in a one-on-one duel.

Need For Speed ​​NFS Most Wanted This freedom is also evident in the way we play. The new Most Wanted resembles the old one only in name and the fact that there is a list of MW we systematically climb. The gameplay, however, is devoid of a plot - they make anonymous drivers for the opponents; it is their cars, not themselves, that are our real rival. We also do not have to chase any "villain" who has swept our car, and no sexy policewoman will help us in our efforts. Some of the players will probably regret it, especially if they expected to present the old idea in a new way. Meanwhile, Criterion Games decided to do something definitely different and, to be honest, praise them for it, it's just a pity that they are trying to sell it under the guise of something other than it really is. Because it's not Most Wanted in the full sense of the word. It's more Need for Speed: Paradise or possibly Burnout: Most Wanted and you must be aware of it.

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