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Project Cars 2 Sequel to the hit racing game of 2015, created by Slightly Mad Studios (authors Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed). Since the production was partly funded by the World of Mass Development platform, the players themselves were part of the title creation process. As with the first part, it is a realistic racing car simulator with a number of optional extras and assistants for less experienced players. Project CARS 2 contains far more locations than its predecessor. In total we have divided more than 200 routes with 40 vehicles into categories. Of course, cars can be modified, changing not only their appearance, but also technical parameters. We can drive in different single and multiplayer modes, but the primary option is a single player campaign, which can also be played in cooperation with another player. Project CARS2 also has network challenges and leaderboards. Project Cars 2 Download for PC The PC game is a sequel to the well-known racing game from 2015. Easy Mad Studio is again in charge of the production. with Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed. The production was partly funded on the World of Mass Development platform, as well as on the first platform. As a result, the players themselves were involved in the creation of the title and gave their instructions. Gameplay guidelines have not changed. It is a production that offers a realistic driving style, although developers have provided a variety of options for adjusting the difficulty of opponents and enabling or disabling facilities including the optimal driving line displayed on the track.

Project Cars 2 PC Download

Unlike the first part of Project CARS, players received a much larger directory of sites. About 50 of them were made available, which means more than 200 routes. After that we drive in different vehicles. This time, more than 200 vehicles divided into 40 categories, including some new ones (such as concept cars), were handed over to car lovers. The ride takes place in a variety of single and multiplayer modes. The basic option is a single player campaign, which can also be played in co-op mode. The second person is then in the pilot or another driver from the team. The production also features multiplayer combat. Connected to the network, you can count on not only traditional duels with other people, but also situations where players from all over the world take control of the SI drivers that we play with in single player race. In addition, there were various challenges, rankings, etc.

Project Cars 2 PC Download Free
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Project Cars 2 PC

Game Producer:
Slightly Mad Studios
Game publisher:
Slightly Mad Studios
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CPU: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 3700, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
OS: Windows 10 (+ specific versions of 7)
GPU: GTX680 or equivalent
HDD: 50 GB

Additional information

Project CARS 2 takes no prisoners. Virtually after the first launch, it gives us all the cars and routes at our disposal, it does not try to add fictionalized accessories or elements that diversify the career. We can play this title exactly as we like. There is a lot to choose from, because the creators of the game - Slightly Mad Studios - have prepared almost two hundred vehicles and about fifty routes in various variants for users. So it is what and where to race, and fortunately quantity goes hand in hand with quality.

Project CARS 2 There is little doubt that the developers devoted enough attention to each of the available vehicles to make it scream about its unique character from the first corner, but in this aspect the production is doing very well. After switching from a well-known car to a similar one, of the same class, we quickly feel the differences. Overall, the driving model resembles that of the first Project CARS. However, too high a tendency for the vehicle to slip into uncontrolled slides was reduced. It is still very easy to get a “donut” on a bend, when we go too far with the gas pedal, but the second part of the series forgives much more. Which doesn't mean he forgives a lot.

Project CARS 2 After disabling all assistants, the game offers a very big challenge, especially when driving cars with rear wheel drive or in bad weather - rain or snow. Especially during longer races, we have to be concentrated all the time, if only due to the fact that thanks to the LiveTrack 3.0 system the situation on the track changes on a regular basis. It is not only about the accumulation of water, which effectively fills in any unevenness of the route, but also about the variable temperature of the surface and the accumulating rubber from the tires of all cars. It is hard to honestly assess how real these feelings are, and how much is the placebo effect, but the additional effort of the creators deserves a lot of applause. However, Project CARS 2 is also suitable for those virtual drivers who do not want to spend too much time having fun. Each race, no matter if as part of a career or individual competition, can be effectively removed from the training and qualifying sessions, and to make the control easier, it is possible to include several types of assists with a different scale of support.

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