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Project CARS PC Download

Download Project CARS - Relief, because after so many postponements, the premiere of the CARS project has finally come and it did not disappoint. Delight when we look at the graphics and exemplary model of driving. And disappointment when he comes to us is that not all arrived here at the finish line in perfect condition. Project CARS best describes the concept for the career mode. Forget story mode. Here the creator did not play in any of the achievements to unlock, progress and development. Yes, it stands on mugs, you can sign contracts and enjoy the opinion of fans of the growym equivalent of Twitter. Except that this case you can skip. It depends on us whether we start his career from scratch, or maybe on the contrary, I would like to make the cars powerful race immediately. So, from the beginning we have access to superwozów and main events. We can only rise, we can already be at the top, it's our decision we make at the beginning. The makers of project cars just depends on that, we would have pursued. And where? They don't care. Project CARSThey enjoy full freedom, but on the other hand too tempting, and after a few races in the weakest karts give up and alone "move" to a higher class rozgrywkowej without waiting for the end of the season . I missed a little silly "carrot" that might stimulate a desire for progress. However, it may be a pity that the CARS project will not find a more contemporary approach to career mode? The more that the developers have created a really decent shell starring the Twitter. Then there are emails from team leaders (with congratulations or scolding) and invitations to special events where we can, as recognized "avatars", drive the super brykami or classic models. Nice escape from the ordinary typical sporting career.

Project CARS PC Download

Feel the difference! And not only. I can bet that the developers will quickly impress something, though. The first few moments of Projekt cars are...well, hard. Go karting is free, in addition crazy and you have to use it to get it under control. Already we are starting to cope, no longer falls from the corners, in fact, we are already starting to win games. The first, second, fifth. And all of a sudden we receive an invitation to drive a brand new Mercedes and we're shocked. Gosh, it's a whole different world! Gee how it works differently. Geez, how much difference! But is a game for everyone who is familiar with virtual tracks for memory and for them, a good racing game is only if you adjust the amount of air in the tires up yourself, and falls are done with just two times: turning on and off the game? So, because of the number of options when setting up the car or how the car behaves when you turn off all the templates - to me that person who is a race between casual and hardkorem - made difficulties, but also fun, because Mastering the Force has passed a lot of fun. Cars run differently, everyone has their own style, character, everyone reacts differently to cornering, has a different type of brake. Cars can make a surprise when accelerating if you don't know them too well. They have to be learned.

Project CARS PC Download
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Project CARS PC

Game Producer:
Slightly Mad Studios
Game publisher:
Bandai Namco Entertainment
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CPU: Intel Core i7 3700 or AMD FX-8350
OS: Windows Vista
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series (2 GB VRAM)
HDD: 25 GB

Additional information

Project CARS Studio Slightly Mad has created great car racing. Accessible for beginners, but also engaging for advanced players. It is a beautiful, extensive and exciting production that cannot be ignored. Project CARS has been divided into two equal modes - single and multiplayer. Users who prefer to play without the participation of others get the opportunity to participate in training, as well as join the tournament weekend. This is nothing but a small championship with qualifying and the main race. We choose the car, route, weather conditions and the number of opponents. We can adjust everything to our own preferences.

The focal point of Project CARS is undoubtedly the career. Interestingly, we decide where we will start the adventure. We are not limited and we do not have to start from the lowest leagues with the slowest cars to climb higher. All types of races are unlocked from the start - from karts to GT5 to LMP1 - and access to every car. We can start with karting competition and then gradually advance. However, nothing prevents you from becoming a title defender right away - like Michael Schumacher - and competing for the highest trophy many times.

Project CARS The most persistent will also face the challenge of the "triple crown". He sets us up for the task of winning the championship in three completely different series. Nevertheless, these are just suggestions and goals that we don't really need to pay attention to. We choose the surname, nickname, car number and off we go. Initially, this approach to a career is surprising. The restrictions were abandoned because all content was made available immediately. There is no system of experience or accumulation of virtual currency. Nevertheless, we will quickly find out that this is the right thing to do. The creators focus on the joy of driving and setting new records. We don't have to think about unlocking new cars and scoring points. Instead, we focus on the most important thing - racing.

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