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Ride 2 is released on the PC platform Windows simulator motorcycle racing. The game is produced by the Italian studio Milestone, which is the same team that was behind the predecessor, as well as some facets of such cycles as Superbike and MotoGP. Developed for Windows PC RIDE 2 allows you to manage more than two hundred models of two-wheelers. The authors have acquired all the necessary licenses from the manufacturers, so each of them has been carefully restored, both visually and behaviorally, while driving. Ride 2 Download For PC We test them for more than thirty route races divided into seven categories. The priority for the authors was realism and in this respect RIDE 2 is making more advanced than the first part. The creators made sure that the motorcycles dysponowały great power, but at the same time were difficult to control. During the game, even small mistakes can lead to accidents, although for less experienced players also see the opportunity to enable a number of facilities.

Ride 2 PC Download

RIDE 2 also features an extensive system of changing machines. many changes since its predecessors, and this time more than 1,200 parts of this item also lived to see, allowing you to change almost all aspects of our motorcycles. The game offers several single player modes. The most important of them is the World Tour, in which we can compete with artificial intelligence in the course of competitions organized in different parts of the world, divided into categories such as Super 1000, Super 600 or Historical Championship. In addition to normal races, we participate in time challenges and parallel races, and all successes and failures shape the overall reputation of our competitor and decide on the further development of his career. RIDE 2 also allows you to participate in multiplayer games, both within individual battles and multiplayer championships. Compared to the first part of the series, RIDE 2 features significantly improved graphic design. Textures are sharper, models of motorcycles can boast more detail and routes look more realistic. The authors greatly improved artificial intelligence.

Ride 2 PC Download Free
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CPU: Intel i5 2500K 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 850 or equivalent
OS: Windows® 7 SP1 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 10
GPU: GeForce GT 640 / Radeon HD 6670 1GB*
HDD: 33 GB

Additional information

Ride 2 is a simulator that focuses primarily on the real recreation of motorcycles and their behavior on the road. We start our adventure with creating a rider, in addition, we get the opportunity to choose our first donated motorcycle. Personally, I recommend choosing the regular 125 cc. I chose the KTM 690 Duke and quickly realized that my machine needed a lot of input to be able to get on the podium even on the lowest difficulty level.

Ride 2 Then go to the main menu. There we have several different modes at our disposal, and we will meet the entire mix in the main mode, i.e. World Tour. During the trip, we take part in numerous Season Events. It is essential to buy specific motorcycle models for specific types of competition. We have several categories, ranging from those in which ordinary 125 cc can take part, through boots over 600 cc, to sports motorcycles. And this is how our ladder begins, in which we climb higher and higher, gaining points, popularity and a whole lot of medals.

Ride 2 The creators of the game have implemented various game modes, which I have already mentioned. Among them are Time Trials, Pair Racing and Perfect Trajectory. Time Trials is a traditional fight against time. We drive on the track as fast as we can. Pair Racing is pair racing. We race against the opponent, and the number of points scored determines the final pole position. Perfect Trajectory is probably one of the most interesting modes. I like it. Our task is, of course, to cover a certain distance as quickly as possible, but the route is marked by cones standing on the way. We must avoid them properly. Each, even minimal touch ends with additional penalty seconds. New are the modes that offer special challenges: daily and weekly. Here it can be, for example, Time Trial some super fast sport.

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