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Trials Fusion PC Download

Trials Fusion Download for PC - Trials Fusion is the fourth full-fledged part of the cycle starring arcade enduro motorcycles. Developers of the Finnish studio RedLynx reached for proven solutions, which enriched a few new elements and impressive audiovisual setting. Trials Fusion for PCAs in previous games in the series, the player can use the actions of a stuntman specializing in spectacular acrobatics on a motorcycle. But this time the action is set in the world of the future, a hero facing a challenge, built in a series of futuristic obstacle courses, which is not difficult to find a painful fall.

Trials Fusion PC Download

The game is played in accordance with the proven formula - a player's task is to operate as the main character in such a way as to reach the finish line while avoiding stunts and tipping scored. Depending on the mode selected will be fun at the same time fit in the time limit or achieve a sufficiently high score score. The creators of Trials Fusion tried obstacle courses in the game, characterized by a great variety and many elements that could surprise players (e.g. different przeszkadzajki). The game also performs functions to interact with the smartphone version of the title - Trials Frontier. Believe it or not, the Finns at RedLynx Trials series is now 14 years old. None of the company's founders back in 2000 and the release of its debut production in a moment - the first trials - would have expected things to turn out so positively. The beginnings (as in any story worth telling) were not easy, because we had to wait 7 years for a full-fledged continuation of the game about overcoming obstacles on a motorcycle, but the breakthrough was imminent. Released at XBLA Trials HD in 2009, it fell in love with gamers craving that kind of experience and placed RedLynx on the genre's throne. The popularity of the series was noticed by Ubisoft, which acquired the company in 2011, and Trials Fusion is the culmination of the collaboration so far.

Trials Fusion PC Download
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Trials Fusion PC

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RedLynx Ltd
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CPU: Intel Core i3 550 or AMD Athlon II X4 620
OS: Windows Vista
GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5850 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0 or higher)

Additional information

When I sat down to Trials Fusion, I didn't expect it at all, but this game about jumping a motorcycle over obstacles even has ... a story. The plot is non-invasive, because by focusing completely on completing the routes, you can miss it. However, it works great as it flows in the background in parallel with our progress and visiting new corners of this futuristic world, revealing the history of himself and what led him to the brink of collapse.

Trials Fusion And we'll see a really big piece of this world. We start our adventure somewhere on the outskirts of a futuristic city in a laboratory, where we will learn the basic rules of controlling a motorcycle, and after a few moments leave its raw, metallic walls (laboratory, motorcycles do not have walls) to the accompaniment of explosions of a dam attacked by unidentified forces. On the way to the city, we will overcome snow-capped peaks, in the metropolis itself we will visit sterile, suspiciously empty streets and roofs of skyscrapers, and as part of a trip outside the city, we will also leave tire tracks in tropical jungle, desert or research complexes. The set of environments is rather clichéd, but the obstacle designs and additional attractions on each level make up for taking the easy way.

Trials Fusion Our rider brings with him serious trouble in every corner he visits. Along its route (and also in its vicinity - let's say within a few kilometers) everything collapses, explodes and turns to ruin. Mysterious airships fly overhead (often far too low). Twisted routes are twisted from start to finish. Some of them surprise from the first seconds, firing a steel steed from a catapult or bringing it down a few floors thanks to a cleverly hidden trapdoor. When somewhere in the middle of it it gets too monotonous, the route sinks a centimeter in front of the front wheel, or even vice versa - it begins to be built on the fly. There is no question of boredom.

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