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The farther, the more burned trees. Quite milutko that the developers decided to remind players to locations from other games in the series, but what if their performance leaves much to be desired? Umbrella Corps is simply ugly and resembles a title from the previous generation. We have 2,016 years, and if Capcom temporarily stopped in time. Already even SOCOM: Polish Special Forces and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel offered more thrilling projects levels than anything. Umbrella Corps loses even with another spin-offem within the same brand – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The country’s game can boast a much more well-designed sites. Shame. There is no excuse for this state of affairs – maps in the game are really tiny, created specifically for fighting in 3v3 format and I’m sure you can play it was a lot better. There was no desire? Budget? Or maybe both of these things?



It’s funny because the total has not yet mentioned the gameplay, and this …. knocks. Key word: harshness. Animation numb, numb system covers (no liquid detach from the wall) is a recipe for “kill” each game TPP, which focuses on fast-paced action. Poorly falls too much shooting and the associated detection shots. I do not know who is responsible for the Umbrella Corps hitboksy, but someone blew it admirably – opponents absorb bullets like a sponge and often do little to deal with the fact that just piled them half a magazine in ruins. Here, there is still a series of incomprehensible situations, such as. Pile driving an ice ax in the head zombie, which leads to death … standing two meters away player. Nice. Such pitfalls is of course much more. And did I mention heavily disturbed balance gameplay?

Umbrella Corps is a shooter, but an important element of the game is to hand combat. Probably even much more important than the wishes of Capcom. Maps are small, littered with narrow corridors, and is an ideal environment for players who prefer to fight in close quarters. Often it does not pay to even pull out a gun, but immediately put on the hook and chase the map in search of wayward souls. One blow such a tool is always equal to one corpse, which, combined with a strange collision system (stuffing the enemy from a distance of several meters is standard) guarantees easy and pleasant points. Why bother, when are you waiting for? We are constantly complaining, but still found something that I consider disputes breath of fresh air in the genre, namely … jammer zombies. Each player wears a special backpack on his back, which makes it prevails on the map zombies do not pay attention to him. The problem arises when someone this backpack damage, putting such an unfortunate person to die. View of zombies chasing poor mercenary is really satisfying thing.

Umbrella Corps Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i3-4160 @ 3.6GHz or better
OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (All 64bit OS)
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 or better
Free Disk Space: 13 GB

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