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Layers of Fear 2 PC Download Free

In Layers of Fear 2 we play the role of a well-known actor. He was given a role in a film shot aboard a transatlantic liner, and it is on the ship that the whole game takes place. During the game, we often hear the voice of the director, who expects the actor to perform at the highest level.

The director never appears on screen in person, but is responsible, among other things, for preparing scenes where decisions are made. They may be in line with the director's expectations or contrary to the script prepared by him. Throughout the game, we reach four main choices that define the end of the adventure.

Layers of Fear 2 offers three very different endings.
Like the first part, Layers of Fear 2 is filled with strange and surreal scenes. During the exploration of the transatlantic, we do not meet any people, but only come across mannequins set in various poses. The arrangement and decoration of many rooms change dynamically and, as a consequence, we can find ourselves in the same locations again, which, however, will offer new content that allows us to look at the whole thing from a different perspective.

In Layers of Fear 2, the action is shown from the first person perspective (FPP). We spend most of our time exploring the ship's rooms. This is enhanced by interacting with objects in the environment. We can take some of them with us; all such collectibles are stored in the hero's cabin, where all subsequent acts of the adventure begin. Layers of Fear 2 also features many logical and environmental puzzles.

Layers of Fear 2 PC Download

For example, we may be forced to determine the correct combination for a safe, arranging an image from moving elements, opening a huge vault door, restoring power to a given part of the ship or finding the right frames of a film installed in a projector. The puzzles in the game are not too difficult; additionally, there are often hints in the area to help you deal with them.

In Layers of Fear 2, there are also occasional arcade sections. These are primarily various escape scenes in which we have to hide or run away from threats (the hero is completely defenseless). However, arcade scenes can also force you to avoid areas illuminated by headlights, for example.

In Layers of Fear 2, there is no shortage of scenes that try to scare the player. so-called however, there are much fewer jump-scares than in the first part of the series. They have also been better prepared to surprise the player more effectively. Feelings of fear and helplessness can also be intensified by exploring the many claustrophobic and poorly lit areas on board the ship.

Layers of Fear 2 PC Download Free
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Layers of Fear 2 Free

Game Producer:
Bloober Team
Game publisher:
Gun Media
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CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 (3.2 GHz)
GPU: GeForce GTX 750 Ti
OS: Windows 7
HDD: 14 GB

Additional information

The gameplay does not differ significantly from what we know from the first part. We are dealing here with an adventure game in the convention of horror, in which we observe the events from the perspective of the first person. Layers of Fear 2 is, it is worth adding, a psychological horror that focuses primarily on building the atmosphere, not scaring with simple means.

During the game, we explore the deck of the aforementioned liner. The feature of the story told here is that, to a large extent, we put together the pieces of the puzzle that allow us to shed more light on the person of the main character and what is happening around him. We will find here, for example, various notes, recordings or optional puzzles. The more we discover them, the more knowledge we gain. The puzzles are generally not very demanding and can be solved without much thinking. What is also worth adding, they are often related to the "movie" themes of the game.

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