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The fourth part of the series, including the WRC match the Italian team of Milestone. Looked out her differently (I most liked the third part), but generally so vaguely that the publisher, which is Bigben Interactive, decided to take the Milanese toys and give them to the hands of the Parisians with Kylotonn, and therefore the company without any significant success in your account , formerly known as 4X Studios. One of the facts which suggest that it was the right step, Alain Jaroniu for which rallies are not pierwszyzną, because years ago he was one of the producers responsible for the game V-Rally 3. And despite the fact that both of these positions (old and new ) divides the gap when it comes to realistic driving mechanics are people remembering that a noble title in a mig recognize that the WRC 5 has a noticeable element binding them with more than thirteen years already V-Rally 3. Besides the fact that both games are unlikely to aspire to titres simulators.



As I said, WRC 5 equipped with all the route of this year’s World Rally Championship, and present them in class team J-WRC, WRC and WRC 2. For the first time in such games also appeared as strong Polish accent, because among the players was the team of Robert Kubica and Maciek Szczepaniak going plastered ads Lotus Fiesta RS, as well as five episodes 72 Rally Polish – from measuring less than 3 km section of Wieliczka, after nearly dziesięciokilometrowy section of Gold

Orienting themselves in the subject section of the rest of the competition is indeed well known, and those at play in the driver rally cars from time to time about ways that besides Polish also participate in events taking place both on the barren stretches of land Mexico, Spain and Corsica, as well as in the forests of Finland and in rainy UK of the ice-Monte Carlo or in snowy Sweden. In total thirteen available game championships, each of which comprises five stages. Quite a lot, considering that the first approach to the creators of similar issues in the field of product purely entertainment. Additionally, each of the special stages, if you select a completely noncommittal fast section, we ride at dawn, noon and dusk, and as if that were not enough, specify one of three types of weather – sunny, cloudy and rainy. In campaign mode, we have to deal with sections pokonywanymi night.

WRC 5 Minimum Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i3 / AMD Phenom II X2
OS: Windows 7
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX / AMD Radeon HD 5750
Free Disk Space: 25 GB

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