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BattleTech A tactical RPG game created for PC with action set in the title universe - a world of bloody conflict and ruthless mercenaries. The whole thing is a renewal of the cult brand of figurative fighting games, first released in digital format on PC computers in 1988, thanks to Westwood Studio. The game is developed by the developer Harebrained Schemes, who has the Shadowrun trilogy in their account, among other things. Over time, we recruit new pilots who gain experience points on the battlefields to develop new skills, develop and customize mechs (we can also use equipment acquired on the battlefield). Standard missions are linked to missions related to the story campaign. The latter are usually designed to be more spectacular and interesting. BattleTech Download for PC In the year 3025, the galaxy is being digested by constant conflict between aristocratic families who govern entire planets and even sectors of the cosmos. Because of the ban on the use of nuclear weapons and orbital bombs, powerful fighting machines, so-called mechs, are used in battle. The player takes on the role of commander of the mercenary unit drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war and helping the powerless Queen regain the throne seized by the usurper. In BattleTech PC, which will be released on PC, we can play alone (we can choose a campaign and a one-off skirmish (skirmish)) or in the company of other players - through lances fighting with them against the lance. The game has a useful module that allows you to prepare lances with different variants of machines and their weapons before battle. Technical questions

BattleTech PC Download

The BattleTech PC game can be split into two parts. The first of these includes rolling battles where we control our pilots and use their engines, armor, special abilities and varied terrain to outwit the enemy. We usually view the battlefield from an isometric perspective, but as the attacks and movements are performed, the camera changes position (similar to the XCOM cycle, for example). However, for better battlefield readability, the tracking options can be turned off, only focusing on the overall view of the battlefield. BattleTech's graphic design has been fully rendered in 3D. Vehicle models are very detailed, but unfortunately a lot can be attributed to the appearance of the place and bad textures. Creating an artistic style, the creators focused on realistic science fiction - there can be no question of a spectacle like anime. The virtual equivalent of a table game tries to be as faithful as possible to the original. The management of mercenaries and combat machines as well as the commissioning of missions carried out take place in real time, as in the above-mentioned Firaxis series. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the tables of expenses and income, because in extreme cases it can happen that our lance (that is, a battalion consisting of four machines) is grounded and we will not be able to take an order for some time (for example, if When our mechanics cannot repair the damaged mechs, it takes both money and time.

BattleTech PC Download Free
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BattleTech PC

Game Producer:
Harebrained Schemes
Game publisher:
Paradox Interactive
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CPU: Intel Pentium Core i3 3210 3.20GHz or AMD FX 4300 3.8GHz.
OS: Windows 7 or Higher.
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 660 GTX or AMD Radeon HD 7850.
HDD: 15 GB.

Additional information

BattleTech is doing pretty well. While you may not see it on, the game does have momentum. We travel through quite a large piece of the galaxy, in mechs we can turn up almost every screw, and the number of various factors affecting our effectiveness on the battlefield is shocking. Except ... before we dig into all of this, we have to get through the absolutely chafing and sluggish introduction. And please be careful: this introduction is not a tutorial at all. The tutorial takes a few minutes. BattleTech Then we just have a long mission, then another one, and it takes an hour or two before we have access to all the options. A nightmare, especially considering the pace of the game, which is not the fastest. On the battlefield, our mechs are a bit sloppy, they walk majestically and slowly (unless we are at the moment with some Spider or Locust), two, that during interplanetary journeys we observe the timeline and our ship, melancholically plunging through the blackness of space. Great, but why does it have to take so long?

BattleTech There is no need to write about history. Not because it is full of spoilers, but because the plot, needless to say, is somewhat fine. Of course, it will be a treat for fans of the universe and fans of behind-the-scenes games a la "Game of Thrones", but do not expect any fireworks. We predict a twisty plot hours before it happens. BattleTech What our interlocutors have to say is also not very thrilling and after a while we just start to click through the boring lines of dialogue. Suffice it to say, it's a story about betrayal and revenge. It couldn't be easier.

But the plot is fortunately only one element of the game, just as not very thrilling as the first Shadowrun. BattleTech What the work of the then Harebrained Schemes sounded like was, of course, the gameplay. And it's no different with BattleTech. Once we have embraced the long and arduous introduction, an ocean of possibilities opens up before us. We have our own base ship on which we travel through space. We can change all components in our walking machines, carve armor, buy additional equipment or develop the capabilities of our pilots. BattleTech The heart of the game are the so-called contracts, i.e. various tasks that - as a mercenary company - we accept from more or less shady individuals. Sometimes a given contract requires some facility to be secured, but more often it's about smashing something. After the tenth or twentieth mission, we stop reading the storyline, because it is boring and adds nothing, but we focus on the fact that we have a lance (i.e. a unit) of enemy mechs to destroy, a base to attack or some buildings to defend. And so near Maciej. Every now and then there is a story mission that pushes the main story into new tracks.

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