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Train Simulator 2022 PC Download Free

The mechanics and assumptions of the game in Train Simulator 2022 do not differ from the previous installments of the series. Players take on the role of a train driver and take control of one of the available locomotives. The aim of the game is to lead the train along the designated route and to fit in the timetable. At the same time, in Train Simulator 2022, watch out for speed limits and traffic lights. You also have to adapt to the weather conditions. They affect the behavior of the machine.

Most actions performed in the title are awarded points (positive or negative) that define how well the player has done. However, if the train is derailed or runs a red light, the scenario will automatically fail.

It can be said that the gameplay in Train Simulator 2022 has been divided into two autonomous, but complementary and overlapping modes, enriched with small RPG elements. But let's start with the more important one, i.e. the "simulation" mode, although this name is a bit exaggerated, but I will use it for simplicity. We get our own locomotive and a map of European railway connections in Train Simulator 2022 and we just work and drive as we see fit. There are 45 cities, which is enough for the needs of the game, between which we transport people and goods, trying as a freshly baked train driver to combine in such a way that, after deducting operating costs, we can afford a slice of bread and a cup of water and further investments.

Well, the first moments in Train Simulator 2022 seem difficult, but surprisingly, the virtual train, compared to virtual planes and trucks from well-known game series, is surprisingly easy and fun to drive. It will certainly be a great advantage for ordinary railway enthusiasts, but also a great disappointment for lovers of full-blooded simulators.

Train Simulator 2022 PC Download

Regardless of whether we drive an old diesel engine, an electric locomotive or a state-of-the-art aerodynamic locomotive, we have been given the basic instruments, including the brake and throttle, of course, which are operated with a really intuitive and comfortable pad. Anyway, it turns out that every layman, after a few moments of training, could drive a steel beast on rails, if not in the real world, at least in the game.

The announcements of the creators of Train Simulator 2022 about ultra-realistic experiences can be put between fairy tales, because although you can really feel some differences in the driving model depending on the locomotive specification, type of cargo or weather conditions, they are not so big to worry about. Have you hauled logs before? There is no major problem to then sit at the helm of a modern passenger train from the spot.

Train Simulator 2022 PC Download Free
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Train Simulator 2022 Free

Game Producer:
Dovetail Games
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Dovetail Games
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CPU: Intel Core-i3 4330 / AMD A8 6600K
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon R9 Graphics with 1 GB Dedicated VRAM or Better
OS: 32-bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 8.1 or 10
HDD: 40 GB

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As you can see, fun and fun come first. Contrary to appearances, I do not say that this is bad, I just want to warn against excessive expectations. After all, driving itself is not trivial either, because you have to learn how to drive so effectively that the locomotive does not become a pile of scrap metal after a few trips, or go bankrupt on speeding tickets or for breaking safety regulations. The creators probably anticipated the player's desire to further train the already acquired skills, offering us, apart from free activity, also numerous scenarios to complete, where we can develop as a train driver without involving our own fleet, and at the same time earn quite a lot of cash in case of emergency. Driving my own train gave me a lot of fun, and that's what counts the most, even at the expense of realism. Anyway, there are several difficulty levels of our train driver's career in Train Life: A Railway Simulator - more or less demanding, up to the sandbox, where practically nothing dangerous awaits us.

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