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Urban Empire PC Download Free

Urban Empire Developed from the famous series Rescue, Finnish Productions Studio fragment economic strategy that discusses the management of the city over the next two centuries, starting in 1820. In the game, the city led empire around the straight, from which the subsequent administrators of the city, and our responsibility to take care of infrastructure development, development of the following areas of the city, driven economic development and residents' satisfaction. Urban Empire Download for PC Fun and diversion to the fact that in the coming decades technologies will change, as well as geopolitical conditions, all the while presenting us with completely new challenges. An interesting element is also taken into account unofficial aspects of being a mayor, so throughout the game, we can resort to various political games and personal and bribery and blackmail unfavorable to us humans.

Urban Empire PC Download

With games traktującymi about politics, but similarly, the same political parties - everyone promises miracles on a stick, and as soon as they decide (whether it will be on the ballot, or, in accordance with the above analogy, on the shelf in the store) , it that all commitments can not keep. There's no way to benefit from the current work of Finnish Studies Reborn (formerly known as Fragment Production) entitled Stadt Reich, whose humble announcement suggested the perfect layer cake strategic and economic sprinkled with plenty of political sauce. Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out to be bland. First contact with Urban Empire is what I've dreamed of for the past six months. I launch the game and thanks to the well-composed soundtrack, I steadfastly believe in the desirability of my existence in the universe (like any young politician only explores the ins and outs of the profession) - only I can manage this city, but I can manage the well-being of the people to ensure, but I ... and so on. Pompous music straight from Mass Effect works brilliantly here and is positively set to the same game, which we launch in two different ways. The first option of writing this review is to play one of three scenarios at the time, the subject matter of which applies to a specific era.we can resort to various political games and personal and bribery and blackmail unfavorable to us humans.

Urban Empire PC Download Free
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Urban Empire PC

Game Producer:
Reborn Games
Game publisher:
Kalypso Media
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CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz/Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
AMD: GeForce GT 420/Intel HD Graphics 4400 Desktop
OS: Win Vista 32

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Although Urban Empire really has no pressure to be a city builder, infrastructure planning is very, very simplified. When creating a district, the player designates a piece of land on which it is to be located, but has no influence on the shape of its streets. It could be survived, but if there is a distinction between residential, industrial or commercial areas, why can't you choose where to go? The only thing you can do is to move the proportions of the areas with the sliders. So fans of creating their own industrial zones in Skylines away from residential areas will be disappointed.

Urban Empire can be praised for its policy solutions. The player issues decrees, raises taxes, erects buildings - each action is a change of existing regulations, which is why it is voted on in the city council. It consists of various factions that are classified on the liberal / conservative principle in terms of ideology and economy, therefore each vote takes a different course. Fortunately, there is a way to do everything, the possibility of trying to change the distribution of votes works well - the debate on the change usually takes some time. We can use it to convince a given party for goodness or for anger. Of course, constant blackmailing of councilors can take a toll on our reputation.

Unfortunately, Urban Empire loses a lot after a few hours of playing, due to the boredom that comes quite quickly. The game does not provide much impressions, although, of course, the aesthetic ones are perfectly appropriate. Nice interface, eye-catching visuals and audio visuals that really stand out above the rest of the game. After all, sooner or later we become monotone, but how can it be otherwise when we keep doing the same? I would like to add that the biggest drawbacks include optimization, although the next patches will probably improve it.

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