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Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone PC Download Free

The biggest novelty introduced in Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone are the new alternative history options for the three nations. The add-on allows us both to recreate the politics of Italy under Mussolini, and to lead this country on a completely different path, by introducing a monarchy, triggering a communist revolution or making a turn towards democracy.

Switzerland in Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone must build its neutrality in such a way as to maintain balance in relations with all its neighbors, while Ethiopia under our rule (when necessary - also in exile) may have a chance to repel the Italian invasion.

This is not the end, as Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone also introduces a number of new peace conference options. Thanks to them, nothing stands in the way of creating demilitarized zones on the map or neutralizing entire countries, distributing ships of defeated countries, as well as taking control of their factories and resources as part of reparations. In addition, we can impose embargoes on enemies, preventing them from trading, and thus - cutting them off from a significant part of the profits. In addition, the add-on introduces the ability to track the effectiveness of individual divisions, develop the passive skills of their commanders and reward with medals.

Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone PC Download

In addition, Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone brings over 20 new units for Italy, Ethiopia and Switzerland and 67 previously unavailable aircraft models. The latter can also be designed independently in a special wizard.
With the release of By Blood Alone, a brand new conference system will be introduced. There will be additional options to demilitarize a region, take control of factories or resources as war reparations, and even take ownership of enemy flagships.

Let's hope that the AI will finally improve, which so far makes absurd decisions during peace conferences and often spoils the joy of the victory achieved.
The creators also announced a system of aircraft design by players. This is to resemble the already functioning possibility to create tanks and ships from scratch by selecting their individual components.

In Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone, players will be able to modify the speed, maneuverability and durability of machines, which will allow them to be adapted to their needs. A much more interesting change will be the option to award medals to divisions that will prove themselves in combat - this way we will distinguish elite troops and provide them with long-term bonuses for gaining experience.

The naval combat system will undergo a transformation. The Swedes have not yet provided details, but it is known that it will be expanded and standardized. The changes will include the balance between different types of ships. This is to diversify the gameplay for those players who have never paid much attention to the development of the fleet.

Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone PC Download Free
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Hearts of Iron IV By Blood Alone Free

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Let's face it - the new focus tree for Italy is the biggest change that most fans of Heats of Iron IV are waiting for. As announced by Paradox, players will gain several paths: continuation of Mussolini's fascist policies, a coup d'état and the introduction of King Victor Emmanuel III to power or the renewal of democracy, as well as a communist revolution and joining the Comintern. There are no major surprises here, it remains only to hope that Paradox will introduce several different paths for each of the mentioned options.

In addition, the Swedes are working on trees for Ethiopia and Switzerland. The former will have the opportunity to follow the path of fighting the Italians or submit to Mussolini. If the defensive war is lost, the player will be given the opportunity to conduct politics in exile and prepare a national uprising.

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