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Call of Cthulhu PC Download Free

Call of Cthulhu A dark adventure game in the convention of horror, based on the work of cult American author H.P. Lovecraft. The plot is based on the mythology of Cthulhu, popularized by the 1926 story "Call of Cthulhu". Call of Cthulhu was based on the so-called Cthulhu mythology created by Howard Phillips Lovecraft - the legendary American horror writer. The main character of the game is Edward Pierce - a private detective and war veteran whose task is to explain the mysterious death of the well-known artist Sarah Hawkins and her family. Call of Cthulhu Download for PC As time goes on, the investigation develops increasingly unexpected - the matter appears to be related not only to the mysterious disappearance, but also to the mutilated whales on Darkwater Island in Boston. Pierce discovers that behind it all is a mysterious worship that honors the eponymous Cthulhu, also known as the Great Dreamer. It is one of the ancient powerful beings referred to as the Great Old Ones who still slumber and when the stars are right in the sky they will awake again and take over the world.

Call of Cthulhu PC Download

In Call of Cthulhu, the action is presented from the first-person perspective (FPP). Fun is based on exploration, talking to characters living on the island and solving various puzzles. The adventure takes you through the gloomy streets of the city as well as through the hospital, the subway and finally the temples of the cultists. The player must try to find a balance between the desire to discover the terrifying truth and the tranquility of the protagonist's mind - delving too deeply into the mysteries of darkness can lead to detective madness. During the game we meet more or less friendly independent characters - while some are willing to cooperate, others react to the protagonist's enemy. RPG elements were also implemented in the game - the title was based on a paper license of the RPG from the American publisher Chaosium. Edward Pierce is able to develop his detective skills, thanks to which he discovers new ways of solving problems. Call of Cthulhu works with the Unreal Engine and is characterized by a three-dimensional, high-quality graphic design, which is kept in economical colors and somber shapes. The whole thing is complemented by a soundtrack that creates an exciting climate.

Call of Cthulhu PC Download Free
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Call of Cthulhu PC

Game Producer:
Cyanide Studio
Game publisher:
Focus Entertainment / Focus Home Interactive
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CPU: Intel Core i5-3450 (3.1 GHz)/AMD FX-6300 (3.5 GHz)
GPU: 2 GB, GeForce GTX 660/Radeon HD 7870.
HDD: 13 GB

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Call of Cthulhu Boston, 1924. Edward Pierce, a World War I veteran, works at a reputable detective agency. Unfortunately, the man has not accepted any case for a long time, suppressing traumatic memories from the front with sleeping pills and alcohol. As a result, Edward is in danger of losing his license, but a new client is set up at the detective's office. It is an older man whose daughter died in a fire together with her husband and son. The circumstances of the death of the Hawkins family are unclear to Sarah's father, while Pierce has no choice but to accept the commission. So the detective goes to Darkwater Island, famous for its whaling, to solve the mystery of the death of Sarah Hawkins and her family. Call of Cthulhu On the spot, it turns out that a run-down town hides many secrets and that the inhabitants are reluctant to cooperate. Paradoxically, the more a hero learns, the less he understands. Why did Hawkins' paintings terrify the islanders? What secret is the head of the psychiatric hospital hiding? Who is the mysterious Cat really? Finally, what was the Great Prey, and why does Pierce have nightmares? In about ten hours needed to complete the adventure, we will learn the answers to most of the questions, but whether all of them are up to us.

The scenario is undoubtedly the strongest point of Call of Cthulhu. A well-written detective plot, a galaxy of expressive characters and a sensational created atmosphere draw you in like a swamp and do not allow you to put the rain down. Call of Cthulhu As the action unfolds, more and more questions arise about the death of Mrs. Hawkins, the motivations of the characters encountered, and the nature of Darkwater itself. Add to this the fact that the main character is a mentally unstable man, and it turns out that solving the puzzle may become even more difficult. Practically until the very end, I was wondering if Edward was partially under the influence of the title Ancient One, or whether he had invented it all to escape the brutal reality. Parisians at every step prove that they "feel" Lovecraft perfectly, so the pace of the story slows down in places, but only to surprise the player with a twist in a moment. Call of Cthulhu Supporting characters were convincing, such as the inquisitive officer Bradley, the mysterious captain of the ship, the helper of Marie Colden or the ghastly chief psychiatrist. The sensational atmosphere is enhanced by numerous references to real figures from the beginning of the 20th century, literary works, historical events and medical terminology from that period.

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