Craft The World PC Download Free InstallShield

Craft The World PC Download Free InstallShield

Craft The World for PC Download Independent sandbox strategy with elements of RPG and tower defense, inspired by such titles as Terraria, Dwarf Fortress or the iconic Dungeon Keeper. The Dekovir Entertainment Studio dealing with casual productions is responsible for its creation. In the game, we take control of the dwarven team, and our task is to build a fortress and defend it against attacking enemies. Our charges copy in search of raw materials, build various buildings and, if necessary, throw themselves into the fight. As we perform further tasks, we gain experience, for which we are rewarded with subsequent members of the team. The whole takes place in randomly generated worlds, differing in the prevailing conditions there. During the game, dwarves use a wide range of weapons and armor, created using a friendly crafting system. The whole is made in high resolution, though in two dimensions and old-school style, reminiscent of the mentioned Terrarium.


Download Craft The World for PC free InstallShield

Craft The World DownloadThe game takes place in a randomly generated world, inhabited by various dangerous creatures. We take control over the dwarven team, and our goal is to build a fortress by collecting the necessary resources and eliminating the enemies that attack us. We start the fun with only one subject, who, realizing the tasks set out by the game, earns experience points, needed for promotion to subsequent levels. Along with the promotion, we receive another dwarf, thus creating a team that at our command will dig in the indicated places in search of resources, attack enemies or build more houses and other structures. The command issuing system has been developed in an unusual way: we do not delegate individual tasks directly to the units, designating only the area of ​​the map where they are to take the job, and for the appropriate division of duties is already the AI ​​of the game.

Each stage of the game requires exploration of large tracts of land, limited by the surrounding oceans and lava. Other worlds differ in size, humidity, temperature, terrain and specific flora and fauna. A changing cycle of day and night is also planned. The dwarfs controlled by us can be equipped with a number of weapons, armor and ammunition, which we develop ourselves using an affordable crafting system. Thanks to it, we can also create our own homes, furniture and decorations.

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From time to time, we will also have to face enemies attacking us, among whom we will meet such creatures as zombies, skeletons, goblins, ghosts or giant spiders. Fortunately, our wards, apart from conventional weapons, also wield magic, allowing, for example, to speed up their movement, illuminate dark caves and find hidden objects, cause rain or accelerated tree growth, and throw deadly fireballs.


CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU
OS: Windows XP or later
GPU: Intel Graphics
HDD: 200 MB

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