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Desperados III PC Free Download

Desperados III Download is the next installment in the popular series of tactical strategies inspired by the Commandos series. This time the game was not developed by the Spellbound studio known from the previous games. They were replaced by the German band Mimimi Productions. However, this team was not chosen at random, having previously produced Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, a game based on a similar idea, which was warmly received. The game's plot is a prequel to the series, although the authors themselves do not avoid the word reboot. The main character of Desperados III is John Cooper, a gunslinger known from the previous episodes of the series. He takes command of a band of outlaw specialists, with whose help he embarks on the wild west's most dangerous missions. Desperados III Download for PC Desperados III stays true to the basic principles of the previous scenes, especially the first part. Therefore, we get a real-time tactical strategy, where we command a squad of five specialists who perform tasks on relatively small maps. Enemies are almost always outnumbered, so success requires stealth and a lot of cunning. If we go unnoticed, enemies will patrol the maps and avoiding detection is made easier by an interface that shows the sight range of the guards.

Desperados III PC Download

Each team member has a different specialization and unique gear and abilities. The heroes available are Cooper (a gunslinger who can fire two weapons at the same time), McCoy (he is a doctor and a team sniper), Hector (he is a hunter with great strength and can set traps for enemies), Kate (he can disguise himself). and distract enemies) and Isabelle (she is a voodoo priestess and one of her powers is mind control). The player must learn to properly use each minion's talents and make sure they work well together. The integrated showdown mode helps in carrying out coordinated actions of the team members. It allows you to stop time and plan actions to be performed by individual characters - for example, we can order them to move to a place, use a skill or attack a specific opponent. After preparing the action for one or more team members, we can start it at the most convenient time with a single keystroke. Desperados III offers a lot of tactical freedom. We can carry out missions silently without killing anyone, as well as arrange spectacular shootouts and use gadgets and skills to even out the enemies' superior numbers. In addition, each problem and obstacle can be overcome in many alternative ways, so the missions can be completed multiple times by trying different approaches and difficulty levels. Playtime can be extended through numerous built-in challenges - such as completing a mission without hiding in the bushes or within a certain time period.

Desperados III PC Free Download
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Desperados III PC

Game Producer:
Mimimi Games
Game publisher:
THQ Nordic / Nordic Games
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OS: Windows 7 64-bit or higher.
CPU: 3.0 GHz Dual Core (Intel i3-530 / AMD Athlon II X3 460)
GPU: Nvidia GTX 560 / Radeon HD 5850, 2GB..
HDD : 20 GB

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Desperados III In fact, we get quite a lot of logical puzzles to decipher. Each opponent has a specific field of view, and the scenarios are planned in such a way that sometimes it is very difficult to find a culprit who would not be watched by at least one colleague. And when someone notices our actions, an alarm sounds - which usually means loading the record.

Therefore, it will not do without the special skills that each of the five characters has. Cooper has revolvers, but a silent throwing knife is more useful. Desperados III Returning from previous installments, Dr. McCoy is an efficient sniper, and the red-haired beauty Kate O'Hara can dress up and flirt, distracting attention. There is also a strongman with a bear trap, Hector.

We try to "find" a gap in the opponent's deployment, distract the guard, set a trap. Sometimes it seems that there is no chance of success, but all you need to do is try a little bit or go to the other side of the map. Desperados III You will definitely find a solution and you have to admit that the maps are well designed and the difficulty level is very well balanced, with a few options to choose from.

We feel enormous satisfaction when we finally manage to find a gap and move forward. Especially if we take the time to prepare an advanced move using the planning system. At any time, we can choose one command for each character, then recreate them all and observe what will come of it. The result is most often loading a quick save, but this is the charm of the genre, which has always been based on trial and error.

Desperados III The locations look wonderful, reminiscent of the detailed dioramas from the modeling master. We visit not only characteristic towns from the Wild West, but also backwaters in Louisiana, New Mexico, a rainbow waterfall or - as befits a western - we take part in a train robbery and explore New Orleans bathed in colorful lights.

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