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Detention Side scrolling done in the convention of survival horror adventure game. The production marks the debut of Taiwanese studio Red Candle Games, and its impact has been in Taiwan since the 1960s. Haft tells the story of two high school students at Berggreenwood, who discovers that the school has become a home for creatures from local legends. From now on the goal that it is not only survival but also the discovery of the causes underlying this state of affairs. Detention for PC Download Pillars game in detention are exploration, collecting items and solving puzzles, realized on the basis of the classic interface, point and click. Due to the fact that in battles with monsters the protagonists are almost defenseless, an important part of the game is hiding and trapping, and if necessary - salvation to escape. Two-dimensional artwork reflects the high level of achievement - was the inspiration for the creators of the mythology of China and Taiwan, as well as Buddhist and Taoist beliefs.

Detention PC Download

Issued on PC platform Windows Detention combines elements of adventure and stealth. During the game we explore locations, collect objects and solve puzzles. You must remember that the heroes are practically defenseless in challenging monsters, so avoid detection, set traps and, if necessary, flee. The game uses the well-known fans of adventure interface, point-n-click, but use it not only to solve the puzzle, but we also have to deal with the occasional skill challenges. The game world is two-dimensional and can only move left or right side of the screen, but the map is designed to still offer a large amount of freedom of exploration.

Detention PC Download Free
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Detention PC

Game Producer:
Red Candle Games
Game publisher:
Coconut Games
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CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo 2.4, AMD Athlon(TM) X2 2.8 Ghz
GPU: Geforce 9600 GS, Radeon HD4000

Additional information

Detention belongs to the group of survival-horror games in which side-scroll solutions were used - this means that the entire action will be followed from a 2D perspective, and the heroes will only move to the right or left (within the area of ​​a given location). The premiere of this title took place in January 2017, and the production is the responsibility of the aforementioned studio, i.e. RedCandleGames. In the game itself, we take control of two students (first one, then the other) of a Taiwanese high school, and the whole action takes place in the 1960s, when there was a kind of martial law in the area.

As befits an Asian horror movie, there will be no shortage of supernatural elements taken from local horror films. Detention turned out to be a real hit - not only has it received several nominations and prestigious awards, but also the players themselves are delighted with it (as much as 96% of over 5,660 reviews on Steam were positive in this case). Unfortunately, the game does not support the Polish language, so it is necessary to speak English at least to an average level. What is unexpected in the case of this type of production, we will not play with a gamepad - it is simply completely unsupported.

During the game in Detention, we will assume the role of two heroes - during a kind of prologue it will be Wei Chung Ting, and then Fang Rey Shin. These are two high school students who stayed at school for various reasons after the typhoon alert was announced. Already in the first minutes of the game it turns out that escaping home is not possible - the bridge that is the only way from the school has collapsed. To make matters worse, the color of the river turned disturbingly red ...

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