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Dying Light 2 for PC Download Dying Light 2 is a first-person action game with an open world in which we travel through a city overrun by zombies. The production is a continuation of the hit Dying Light from 2015. We will find in it both a single-player story mode and a multiplayer mode. The Polish studio Techland, known e.g. from Dead Island or shooters from the Call of Juarez series. Dying Light 2 takes place twenty years after the end of the first part, in 2034. The game continues the story presented in the first part of the series, but knowledge of it is not required to understand the plot of the sequel. After the zombie outbreak in the city of Harran was brought under control, government and corporate scientists began investigating the mutant strain of rabies that caused the tragedy. Commercial and military applications for profit were sought for it. The pursuit of money, however, leads to a catastrophe, and in late 2021 the virus emerges from a Geneva research lab. An extremely contagious disease leads to a global pandemic, anarchy and the collapse of civilization. Within two years, almost the entire population of the Earth becomes infected. There are only a few settlements in the world and one city – Villedor, where the game takes place.


Download Dying Light 2 for PC free InstallShield

Dying Light 2 DownloadThe main character of Dying Light 2 is Aiden Caldwell, replacing Kyle Crane known from the previous installment. Aiden is a Pilgrim, a person who traverses the post-apocalyptic wastelands in search of a loved one. His journey takes him to Villedor, where he becomes entangled in a war of influence between factions seeking control over the city. Unlike the previous section, Dying Light 2’s story is non-linear. Aiden can make decisions, support certain factions, form alliances with different people and make enemies depending on his choices. Dying Light 2’s gameplay does not differ significantly from its predecessor. In the game, we explore a vast city filled with undead and hostile people. The world is four times larger than the one known from the first part. Like its predecessor, the production has an extensive melee combat system, allowing, among others, dismembering opponents. In the game, we also have access to firearms, but the basis of the game is hand-to-hand combat. Aiden can fight with a variety of weapons, use environmental traps, throw enemies from rooftops and kill fallen enemies with a mighty kick. The title contains complex crafting mechanics. When exploring the city, we collect various resources that can be used for useful items, such as first aid kits or Molotov cocktails. We can also modify our weapons with them, increasing its strength or giving it additional properties.

This title also has a rich parkour-style movement, which depends on our hero’s stamina bar (all actions require it – even sticking to the edge of the roof). In the “two” there are twice as many animations related to jumping, running and other breakneck maneuvers. Aiden also received some new moves, such as a jump from a height combined with a softening of the fall with an enemy body, or running on walls. A new element of the game is the ability to sneak and eliminate enemies by surprise. The creators also took care of environmental puzzles based on acrobatics, requiring proper route planning. The developers also improved the AI ​​of the opponents, who can now change the fighting style during the fight.

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Similar to its predecessor, Dying Light 2 includes a day and night cycle that influences the behavior and strength of enemies. During the day, we will face mainly humans and the weak undead. After sunset, people return to their safe shelters, and the streets of Villedor are flooded with hordes of zombies. The streets become extremely dangerous, but the risks come with rich rewards. There are undead nests on the maps, which become empty when zombies come out to feed at night. By infiltrating the nests, we can find powerful weapons and useful items. The biggest new feature in Dying Light 2 is the faction system. Some parts of the city are without water and electricity. If we restart the generators in the district, we will be able to put it under the control of one of the three available groups in exchange for influence. Depending on the faction that controls it, the district changes. Other objects of the environment are also placed in it, for example exploding car-traps, zip-lines or trampolines.


OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 3.6GHz / AMD FX-6300
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB
HDD: 65 GB
DirectX 12 Compatible Graphics Card

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