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Eagle FlightDeveloped by internal studio Ubisoft first-person adventure game, designed to work with sets of virtual reality. Like the title game it allows you to play the role of an eagle and experience the freedom of flight. Eagle Flight action takes place in the not near future in Paris, which for some reason has been completely abandoned by the people. Eagle Flight Download for PC Our task is not only to survive, but also to discover what really happened in this place. Action game Bird Watching Sight, and during the flight, we have the opportunity to perform a wide range of acrobatics. Unlike many simple VR productions, the game does not focus solely on exploration. During the game there are certain tasks to perform, and the maps there is no shortage of opponents with whom we fought high-flying battles. Extensive single player campaign complements the multiplayer option that allows you to play in two different modes up to 6 people.

Eagle Flight PC Download

After the title Eagle Flight, the embodiment of the eagle will allow and tasted the freedom of flight. The action, in a not near future, in Paris. Not disclosed for some reason, but the city was completely abandoned by the people 50 years before the events of the game. The game is not only focused on exploration and instead also perform certain tasks, and the maps do not run out of opponents. In the Eagle Flight action we will see the bird guided by our eyes and get the opportunity to perform a wide range of acrobatics. Our comrades from the flock left them behind in the air thinly colored stripes that make it easier to navigate and search for other eagles. The authors boast that they were able to develop a new control system based on the movements of the head, which will not make any player ever feel sick while having fun. Currently there is still a problem faced by many productions with virtual reality, especially those in which the speed of movement is great, and the player can quickly change the direction of movement, and only such production rank Eagle Flight.

Eagle Flight PC Download Free
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CPU: Intel i5-4590 / AND FX 8350 equivalent or greater
OS: Windows 7 64-bit (Service Pack 1) or newer
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or greater
HDD: 15 GB

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Eagle Flight allows for three game modes: a story campaign with 24 main missions and several side missions, a free game where we can only admire the views and enjoy the flight, and a multiplayer mode. The action of the game is set in an undefined future, when mankind died out and animals took over the power over the world. Post-apocalyptic Paris is overgrown with ivy, trees fill the spaces between buildings, zebras occupy collapsed subway tunnels, bats nest under the Pantheon's dome, elephants rest in the shadow of the Louvre Pyramid. An idea quite similar to the one used in Tokyo Jungle, but definitely less depressive and not focused on survival.

Eagle Flight Missions are strictly arcade, and their difficulty level increases as you progress through the game. There are not many kinds of challenges. We have a typical race against the clock where we have to fly between the hoops aiming at their center (then we get acceleration). We have a modification of this race that takes place in the subway tunnels and requires a lot of concentration. There are also escort missions where we have to protect another bird from the attack of vultures, and tasks where we have to eliminate enemies in the shortest possible time. Each task can be classified as one, two or three stars. If we collect enough stars, we unlock special tasks for experts with a higher level of difficulty, which in terms of mechanics do not differ from the main missions. To continue the story mode, it is enough to complete the main missions for at least one star.

Eagle Flight There are two more types of collectibles - feathers and fish jumping out of the river. Collecting them gives you absolutely nothing but systemic achievements, but finding them brings satisfaction. After completing the task, we can repeat it, racing against the ghosts of four players with the most similar time to ours. Here was my first disappointment with this production. It is not possible to race with the ghost of our friend - unless he has a similar time. It is not even possible to see the global results.

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