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Star Trek Bridge Crew PC Download Free

Star Trek Bridge Crew Download is developed on the PC platform Windows simulator spaceship released for virtual reality technology. The game was created by its own Ubisoft Red Storm Studio, which among the authors is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. According to the title, the game uses licensed trademark of science fiction Star Trek, and was rebooted in the version of the known universe cinematic brand, initiated by the film Star Trek, directed by JJ Abrams sits in 2009. Star Trek Bridge Crew During the campaign, players explore the uncharted region of the galaxy known as the Trench (The Trench) to find a new home for the Vulcan race. There is a variety of missions, from probing the rescue crews to damaged stations and ships, and ending with the space battles with enemy units. Some of these tasks are designed manually, while others are generated procedurally. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is designed entirely for co-op mode for four to be released on the PC platform Windows Spaceship Simulator. Each has a different position on the bridge of a spaceship. To choose the roles of captain, helmsman, engineer and tactical officer. When you run out of games one of the users takes control of his hero via artificial intelligence.

Star Trek Bridge Crew PC Download

Regardless of the form, complete their tasks by manipulating the equipment on board in the virtual world - the classic interface is kept to a minimum. All this so that the player could forget it's just a game, and believe that it's really on board. Each position is associated with different tasks and work stations. For example, the captain sees a screen showing the status of each element of the ship and the system allows for quick issuance of the rest of the crew commands. Engineer gets a virtual interface that allows you to edit the amount of energy delivered to certain systems, such as blades, engine and equipment. The captain receives a set of navigation charts and windows used for course planning and tactical officer decides which spot and what type of weapons to attack.

Star Trek Bridge Crew PC Download Free
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Star Trek Bridge Crew PC

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CPU: Core i5-680 3.6GHz / Phenom II X4 940
GPU: GeForce GTX 650 Ti / Radeon R7 260
OS: Win Vista 64
Direct X: DX 11

Additional information

Star Trek Bridge Crew is a surprisingly successful experiment and an exceptionally fascinating virtual reality experience. This is probably the best online game for VR goggles on the market that no Star Trek fan should miss. The very launch of the game evokes nice associations. We are entering the virtual cosmos. Behind the windows, we see the Earth, moving Federation ships, and in front of us blinking panels with gameplay options. We start with a short training that easily explains the operation of individual positions on the bridge - captain, helmsman, tactical officer and deck engineer. During the game, we play one of these four roles.

Star Trek Bridge Crew As always with VR, the first few minutes are filled with admiration for what you see around you, but with Bridge Crew it is an experience that deserves additional recognition. Once, we feel as if we are really inside a federation vessel; and secondly - the creators perfectly used the possibilities of VR, so that we could manage the on-board systems in the most intuitive way. However, to fully feel this artificial reality, we must have dedicated controllers - PlayStation Move or Oculus Touch. Then we take maximum control over our character's hands, as if we were really sitting in an armchair and operating individual panels by simply pressing buttons or moving controls. It makes a phenomenal impression.

Star Trek Bridge Crew If we jump into the helmsman's position, our goal is, of course, to steer the ship with a straight wheel, to aim at the target at impulse speed and warp. The tactical officer scans objects and foreign ships, activates and deactivates the shield, and locks onto targets, fires phaser or torpedoes. The engineer allocates energy to the three main systems and manages their repair. In addition, each of them has access to a side panel from which we perform teleportation and disrupt the systems of the selected object within the radar range. The captain is the person who gives the orders, but his role is also to set the current goals of the mission. Basically, it all seems very simple, the scope of activities is small, and the possibilities of the individual roles seem trivial.

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