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Elite Dangerous PC Download Free

Elite Dangerous Download Space simulator which is the fourth installment of the Elite series. For the production of Elite: Dangerous again corresponds to David Braben and crew development studio Frontier. The game will be in the distant future. After mankind managed to colonize countless star systems in the universe, dominant roles were played by three superpowers: the Empire and the Federation of Independents. Elite Dangerous for PC Download The brave pilots venture, but also outside the areas controlled by them to seek opportunities for a quick buck. Sandboksowy model game allows players to explore great freedom in the cosmic universe, conduct trade or conduct military missions. The creators of Elite: Dangerous stepped out of the standard department for solo and multiplayer modes, allowing you to join or leave the game with friends at any time.

Elite Dangerous PC Download

The action takes place in the far future, at a time when humanity is colonizing countless planetary systems. In the universe created by the authors of the dominant role played by the three superpowers - the Empire, the Confederation and the Alliance. But they have no control over the whole inhabited space or even the majority. Outside the sphere of their influence, anarchy and lawlessness reign, but the potential gains in these systems are often worth the risk. The essence of the game is simple - launch a small ship and a small amount of cash, then you will be realistically thrown to scale the Milky Way with all known celestial bodies mapped and 400 billion star systems designed using the laws of physics and current astronomical knowledge . Only depends on us what we will do next. We decide whether to become a stellar trader, smuggler, pirate, bounty hunter, assassin, explorer, miner or free to combine these activities.

Elite Dangerous PC Download Free
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Elite Dangerous PC

Game Producer:
Frontier Developments
Game publisher:
Frontier Developments
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CPU: 2 GHz Quad Core
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4870

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Elite Dangerous has a storyline, but a single player has little influence on the fate of the galaxy - regardless of whether we play alone or in a shared universe, the events we can read about in the news available on space stations are shaped by all pilots in all galaxies, both private and public.

The situation in the Empire, which spans a large part of the known worlds, changes based on who we work for, and any mission performed for allies or enemies of the present Emperor shifts the balance of power.

Elite Dangerous Our goal is to constantly strive to become the elite - the best combat pilot, trader or star researcher. The way to the top is not short - climbing a single rung in the long ladder of titles takes tens of hours, during which we will transport goods, hunt or look for interesting stars, planets and other finds, such as the Voyager 1 and 2 probes, suspended in space beyond borders of the solar system.

Elite Dangerous The beginnings are not easy. We start out with the Sidewinder - a unit that does not impress with performance, has a small cargo bay that makes interstellar trading not very profitable, and many control options remain unclear, even after we have completed all the tutorials and read the help materials available from the menu.

We need to learn about the operation of some devices, such as the goods interception hatch, by reading about them on the web or by experimenting on our own. All of this makes it easy for the less committed player to feel lost.

When, despite the initial difficulties, we manage to raise money for a better ship, the game becomes much more enjoyable. The cheapest ones, like Adder or Hauler, are quite versatile and can be adapted to our needs relatively easily.

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