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Endless Legend Shifters PC Download

Endless Legend Shifters Free is the title of another Additive DLC set prepared for the realities in a fantasy 4X strategy Endless Legend turn-based , released on Windows PC in September 2014. For the creation of expansions, developers parent, specializing in the genre of 4X trials amplitude, with its credit as a series of sci-fi Endless Space and referring to their crooks like'owy RPG Dungeon of the Eternal match to the game. The biggest innovation described DLC is the emergence of a completely new species Allayi, from which, by the way, the name of the expansion was taken. This faction is indeed a unique ability to transform primarily to adapt to winter conditions and easier to survive this period. Among other things, depending on the seasons prevailing abilities weaken the enemy's defenses, increase the morale of allied units and obiżania morale of the enemy, as well as stronger types of attacks available in the winter season.

Endless Legend Shifters PC Download

The race remains very close connection with the new, somewhat mysterious material called Pearl Aurygi that Allayi can flawlessly odnajdywać, even when deciding on maps fog of war. This raw material is of such great importance in the game world that it allows us, among other things, to create special defensive towers and the creation of new, previously unavailable objects. Dedicate them to the special Altare Aurygi players gain the ability to change the effects that the Endless Legend universe creates winter turbulence. This fact, in turn, allows you to use the changing weather situation and target objects such as frozen lakes and rivers to gain advantage over opponents in battle. The list of new products will add a new structure in the form of these altars Arygi, as well as the ability to build special districts on the outskirts of cities, accelerating the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Endless Legend Shifters PC Download
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Endless Legend Shifters PC

Game Producer:
Amplitude Studios
Game publisher:
Iceberg Interactive
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CPU: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5 or equivalent
OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
GPU: 1 GB NVidia Geforce GTX 660 or equivalent, 1 GB ATI Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent

Additional information

Endless Legend Shifters turn-based strategy, introducing several novelties and modifications to the game. In addition, valued until April 14, we get, among others, the Allayi faction, inseparably connected with the place of the game - the planet Auriga. For this redesigned winter and a building - Altar of Auriga. The magical tribe of Allayi collects a new resource - Auriga's pearls. It also has the power to change the season, which can effectively thwart your neighbors' plans on the map.

Endless Legend Shifters As far as the seasons are concerned, winter has changed significantly. Now it allows you to collect the pearls, but also opens up tactical options, i.e. leading your army through frozen lakes and seas. After collecting a certain number of pearls, we will build the Altar of Auriga building, allowing you to obtain helpful blessings that affect many areas. Released in September 2014, the turn-based strategy from Amplitude takes us to a planet that was subjected to numerous experiments centuries ago by powerful aliens who once lived here. Endless Legend is a game about conquest, exploration and development of civilization. Starting with controlling one city and the surrounding region, we need to build the most powerful empire, in the Civilization cycle style.

Endless Legend Shifters Perly Aurigii are a new resource that enriches the gameplay. Unlike the others, they are generated only in one season: in winter (as a reminder, the seasons on the planet where the game takes place are very long, so from time to time there is a long winter that chills the world with ice). They are something between the already known Influence, strategic and luxury resources. So they can be used both to build new, special buildings and to launch upgrades alternative to the Development Plan as well as those guaranteed by luxury resources.

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